Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Following season two billboard...

The Following season 2 billboard
Serial killers and fanatical cults were all the rage this time last year, with brand new shows like The Following, Hannibal and The Cult debuting.

One year later and are audiences still hungry for more violence, gore and master manipulation? It seems so, as Kevin Bacon returns in the second season of The Following.
Following season 2 billboard
The show's creator Kevin Williamson promises a much less violent, blood-filled sophomore season, which would be a good thing as there's only so much stabbing, murder and double-crossing the human psyche can take week after week.

When last we left the series, 'Joe Carroll' (played by James Purefoy) the maniacal and charismatic cult leader had seemingly gone up in flames and Kevin Bacon's flawed FBI profiler 'Ryan Hardy' and his love, Carroll's ex-wife 'Claire', had been stabbed and sliced by one of Joe's crazy followers.
Following season 2 billboard
The new season jumps forward one year in time and Ryan is alive and helping the FBI with another set of murders, but aside from that it seems like everything is up for grabs, especially with an ominous tagline like 'They will never let go'.

This season two billboard for The Following was snapped along Highland Avenue in Hollywood on January 10, 2014.

If you're a fan of the serial killer thriller, be sure to check out this season one billboard for The Following too.
The Following series 2 billboard

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