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The BABs - Best Advertising Billboard Awards 2013...

Welcome to the fourth annual Best Advertising Billboard Awards, or BABs for short. It's been another year of drama and excitement in the skies of L.A., and now it's time to acknowledge and reward the works of those making the city skyline much more interesting throughout 2013. These lucky winners certainly struck a chord with Daily Billboard visitors during the year, so let's see if you all agree with the final decisions.
American Horror Story Coven snake billboard
First up is undeniably one of the most eye-catching and provocative billboard campaigns in any category for the third season of FX's American Horror Story. The 'snake mouth' ad creative is the real winner and certainly was one of the biggest 'WOW' moments of the past twelve months, whilst the 'human voodoo doll' is an equally arresting visual.

These TV show billboards totally embody the spirit of horror anthology series, which this season is subtitled 'Coven', and revolves around witchcraft, dark magic and supernatural forces.
American Horror Story Coven voodoo doll billboard
Honorable mentions for the BAB Award for Best TV billboard also go to the second season Veep billboards and Game of Thrones season three 'dragon shadow' billboards, so be sure to check those out to and decide if American Horror Story: Coven is a worthy winner.

Jackass Bad Grandpa special installation billboard
Hands down one of the best film billboard campaigns in 2013 was for Paramount's Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa movie.
Jackass Bad Grandpa movie billboard
With its mix of special installations (you can't beat dangling a kid from a billboard hoarding as a way to turn heads) and clever special extension billboards, the ad campaign is certainly eye-catching and a whole lot of fun (which is handy for a comedy movie).
Jackass Bad Grandpa seesaw extension billboard
These ad creatives totally convey the idea that this is the worst grandparent in the world and absolutely live up to the infamous Jackass 'can't believe you did that' brand of humour. A job well done indeed.
Bad Grandpa drunken park bench billboard
Other contenders for the movie billboard crown were the many different heroic ad creatives for the Man of Steel movie, where you really could believe a man could fly, plus the Japanese ink wash painting inspired billboards for The Wolverine.

Meanwhile, the biggest snooze of the year came from these movie billboards for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which seemed to sport a blast-from-the-past creative usually found in your local video store's bargain bin section.

Pom Mango Renew All new billboard
Taking a break from the entertainment world for a second, and the skies of L.A. were filled this summer by a witty special extension campaign for Pom Wonderful juice and its new flavour brand extensions, mango, pineapple and coconut.
Pom Hula 21 over 3 up billboard
The unique shaped bottle peaking over the top of the billboard hoarding, the clean design plus some cover copy, really made for some attention grabbing ads, where the original pomegranate juice drink was still very much the hero.
Pom Coconut Potassiyum billboard
Missing out on the BAB Award this time was Grey Goose Vodka's Fly Beyond billboards and these latest billboards for Jack Daniel's Whiskey, with 138 Water taking the prize for the most irrelevant and tacky drinks ad campaigns.

Rick and Morty crashed UFO 3D installation billboard
Sometimes you have to wait all year until the best billboard pops up and that was the case with the category for Best Special Installation. This 3D crashed UFO installation for Adult Swim's new animated comedy series, Rick and Morty, landed in the skies in late-November.

High-profile and lots of fun, this was a spectacular gimmick to kick off the new show, courtesy of those clever people at Atomic Props & Effects. Enjoy your special one-of-a-kind BAB Award guys.
UFO Rick Morty Adult Swim 3D installation billboard
Other special tricks catching Daily Billboard's eye in 2013 included new ABC sitcom Super Fun Night's illuminated billboard, which featured comedienne Rebel Wilson with glowing heart-shaped breasts that appeared at night, and this special four-day changing boxing glove billboard for James Franco's Comedy Central Roast.

You took my children I want them back billboard
This year we have a new category to recognize all the clever copy-only ads that make us smile, or grab our attention at the very least.

The first ever recipient of this BAB Award goes to the engaging ad campaign for the relaunch of daytime soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live, online.

These bold statements almost challenge you to find out more, and at the same time feel oddly familiar with the respective show's titles worked into the copy.
Who says you've only got one life to live billboard
Other great work came in the form of these 76 gas Stop Honkaholism billboards, plus several studios used copy-only concepts to tease forthcoming TV shows and movies, like this hilarious Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell Adult Swim billboard and this viral teaser billboard for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium sci-fi movie.

Daft Punk Random Access Memories teaser billboard
The clear favourite by far for the BAB Award for Best Special Extension Billboard has to go to these billboards for Daft Punk's latest phenomenal album, Random Access Memories.

The French electro music duo teased fans with this simple, copy less and instantly recognisable merged helmet design, before following up two weeks later with another ad version complete the necessary album information for those clearly not in-the-know.

These billboards were two of the most visited ads on Daily Billboard this year and also attracted interest from Rolling Stone magazine and other publications around the world for permission to be used in print and online.
Daft Punk Random Access Memories album billboard
Other notable special extension billboards this past year were Comedy Central's spoof Richard Nixon billboard for Drunk History, Chris Hemsworth's heroic Thor: The Dark World billboard and the crashing starship billboard for Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Gap Skimmer Denim Evolved billboard
Gap may have been criticized for pandering to every ethnic community with this vibrant ad for its colourful Skimmer jean offering with female models of varying skin colour, but isn't their costumer base just as diverse.

This 'Denim Evolved' creative is Daily Billboard's pick for best fashion billboard because of its striking stand out, plus the whimsical reference to the iconic 'March of Progress' evolution illustration which the design replicates in a contemporary way.
Gap Skimmer Denim Evolved billboard
Other stylish ads which caught our fashionista eye these past twelve months included AG Adriano Goldschmeid's Fall/Winter billboards and Banana Republic's Spring Mad Men Collection billboards to name just a few examples.

Matthew Terry Calvin Klein Concept Underwear billboard
This year we have a repeat winner in the form of Matthew Terry for his Calvin Klein Concept underwear billboard. His impressive 'body of work' also landed him in the designer underwear brand's high-profile Super Bowl TV commercial in 2013, so he's had quite the year.
Matthew Terry Calvin Klein Concept Underwear billboard
He was a clear winner this year, so those other male models had better up their game, and work on those six-packs, next year if they want to take a home a highly coveted BAB Award.

Nicole Kidman Jimmy Choo FW 2013 billboard Hollywood
One of the most surprisingly recipients of 2013's Best Female Billboard BAB Award was Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, who delivered this edgy, sophisticated work for shoe designer Jimmy Choo's stunning Fall/Winter 2013 campaign.
Jimmy Choo Nicole Kidman billboard
The A-List Australian starlet looked completely different, but no less glamorous with her new bob haircut and smokey-eyed makeup.
Jimmy Choo Nicole Kidman FW 2013 billboard
The only other female model to really offer any opposition this year was Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein, showing off her sexy, toned body 25 years later than her original ad campaign for the fashion designer.
Giant Nicole Kidman Jimmy Choo FW 13 billboard
As you can see it's been another busy year for the out-of-home billboard industry, with an abundance of inventive and engaging creatives vying for passersby attention.

What do you think about this year's winners? Do you agree, or feel there were other more deserving recipients? If so, let us know by posting a comment.

Daily Billboard is looking forward to another year of delights in the skies of L.A. (and further afield whenever possible) and hopes you'll all be able to join us on this fantastic odyssey of discovery together.

If you like what you see on this blog, please spread the word by sharing, liking, tweeting, tumbling, linking, pinning and even telling people by good old-fashioned word-of-mouth about anything interesting you see here on a daily basis.

Let's hope 2014 is the best year for billboards yet (and you never know, if your work is featured, you may just win a fabulous BAB Award).

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