Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rake series premiere billboard...

Rake series premiere billboard
Reboots and re-imaginings abound once again this year, and the latest TV remake comes in the form of Fox's Rake, which stars Greg Kinnear as a criminal defense lawyer with more than a few personal problems.
Rake season 1 billboard
This remake of an Australian television series of the same name follows 'Keegan Deane', as his self- destructive behavior sees him battling personal and professional demons, from his ex-wife to judges, his bookie and even the IRS.

No wonder he needs a steak over his eye if he has money troubles and a grating personality.
Rake season 1 billboard
Maybe Fox hopes their newest unlikeable, yet lovable, character will be the legal version of their successful medical drama, House M.D.

This series premiere billboard for Rake was snapped at the busy intersection of Highland and Melrose Avenues on December 30, 2013.

Admittedly another television remake is hardly original programming, but let's not judge until we've seen the show.
Greg Kinnear Rake billboard

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