Saturday, January 25, 2014

Killer Women series premiere TV billboard...

Killer Women series premiere billboard
Alas Killer Women, we didn't know you very well at all and now you've been shot down before you ever had the chance to reach your prime.

The concept was sound, flipping the usual crime-fighting male paradigm on its head and having a female Texas Ranger pursuing and capturing Killer Women each week, as the title suggests.
Killer Women billboard
It even had a sexy star with a following in the form of model turned actress, Tricia Helfer, as badass ranger 'Molly Parker', known for her role as Cylon 'Number Six' in Syfy's Battlestar Galactica revival. But sadly the show's already gone down in flames as one of the first winter season cancellations.
Killer Women season 1 billboard
Daily Billboard does like the series premiere billboard though, snapped along Barham Boulevard on January 11, 2014, as it reminds us of other Western-inspired ad creatives for shows like Justified and Longmire, but with a female twist.
Killer Women ABC series billboard

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