Friday, January 31, 2014

MOVIE WEEK: That Awkward Moment billboards...

That Awkward Moment movie billboard
Hmmm, there's always That Awkward Moment when the star of a film goes into rehab just before his new movie is released, or Daily Billboard thinks cynically, is that a stroke of PR luck (or perfectly planned publicity).
That Awkward Moment film billboard
Zac Efron stars with Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller as three best friends exploring that age old dating question with the girls in their lives, "just where is this relationship going?".
That Awkward Moment movie billboard ad
Not only does this ad campaign look like it's for a new season TV sitcom, rather than a big screen movie, but it also has the dubious honour of opening on NFL Super Bowl weekend. Ouch!
That Awkward Moment movie billboard
Having said that, the blue background with a burst of yellow of the ad creative certainly does pop amidst the crowded L.A. skyline, catching your eye from near and far.
That Awkward Moment movie billboard
These movie billboards for That Awkward Moment were first snapped on January 7 along La Brea Avenue and were also photographed through January 22, 2014 along Sunset Boulevard, Melrose Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard.
That Awkward Moment movie billboard
If you're a Zac Efron fan, be sure to also check out this Charlie St. Cloud movie billboard, plus these film billboards for The Lucky One.

And for this romantic comedy, let's hope the ice-cream, teddy bears and cute boys can help win over the female audience who may not be as interested in the football this weekend.
That Awkward Moment billboard

Thursday, January 30, 2014

MOVIE WEEK: Labor Day billboards...

Labor Day movie billboard
Kate Winslet recently received a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for her performance opposite Josh Brolin in Labor Day.
Labor Day movie billboard
This new movie from the director of Up in the Air and Juno, is the adaptation of Joyce Maynard's 2009 novel of the same name and sees a depressed single mother and her son in 1987 helping an escaped convict with a tragic past.
Labor Day movie billboard
These billboards for the romantic drama were first snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard at Doheny Drive on January 10, plus further west along Santa Monica Boulevard on January 15, 2014.

If you're a Kate Winslet fan, be sure to also check out this giant Titanic 3D movie billboard and these billboards for HBO's mini-series Mildred Pierce.

If you're an admirer of Josh Brolin, you can see more of him in these Gangster Squad movie billboards and this Men in Black 3 ad campaign.

UPDATED: If you're a fan of the movie, be sure to check out these original movie costumes worn by Josh Brolin, Kate Winslet and Gattlin Griffith in Labor Day on display.
Labor Day film billboard

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

MOVIE WEEK: Giant Need For Speed billboard...

Giant Need For Speed movie billboard
If you're wondering what Aaron Paul does next after the phenomenally successful and critically acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad, look no further than this giant-sized billboard for Need for Speed.
Giant Need For Speed billboard
This vibrant creative certainly stands out with its bold colour design and was snapped along L.A.'s Sunset Plaza on January 14, 2014, although you can't help but feel this street racing movie still comes too soon after the recent death of Fast & Furious star, Paul Walker, in a speeding car accident in November 2013.
Need For Speed movie billboard
Only time will tell if this cross-country tale of revenge, fast cars and betrayal, based on the popular Electronic Arts video games, will be the next high speed film franchise to take over the box office.

If you're a fan of Aaron Paul, be sure to check out these Breaking Bad billboards, and if you're a fan of fast cars, be sure to check out these Fast & Furious movie billboards.
Giant Need For Speed film billboard
UPDATED: As the movie's release date grows closer, more and more of these psychedelic billboards are popping up around L.A. for the car chase flick.
Need For Speed film billboard
This smaller ad creative was snapped along Highland Avenue on February 24, 2014 and Daily Billboard is sure more will follow in the days to come.
Need For Speed movie billboard

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MOVIE WEEK: The Monuments Men billboards...

The Monuments Men movie billboard
Wars are fought over many things, from power to religious beliefs, greed to insanity, but at the same time there are those fighting to protect those things that civilization holds dear, like love, freedom and art.
Monuments Men billboard
Set amidst the battles and destruction of World War II, a special unit of experts are tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their rightful owners in The Monuments Men.
Monuments Men movie billboard
The film boasts a wealth of familiar names and faces from frequent collaborators Matt Damon and George Clooney, to comedy legends Bill Murray and John Goodman, and a touch of British class in Hugh Bonneville and French flair from Jean Dujardin, with Bob Balaban and Cate Blanchett rounding out the star-studded cast.
Monuments Men film billboard
Directed by George Clooney, the movie is based on the true events of how this plucky platoon was sent into Germany by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to safeguard thousands of years worth of culture before it could be destroyed as the Reich fell.
The Monuments Men movie billboard
These bright orange billboards for The Monuments Men seem to be everywhere around L.A. at the moment, from Santa Monica Boulevard to Fairfax Avenue, flying high over Sunset & Vine and Wilshire Boulevard, plus standing proud along Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue and were photographed from December 30, 2013 to January 16, 2014.
The Monuments Men billboard
It's being sold as a grand heist movie, but can The Monuments Men hijack the box office this February?
The Monuments Men movie billboard

Monday, January 27, 2014

MOVIE WEEK: The Lego Movie billboards...

Lego Movie special extension billboard
Now here's a bright and fun way to start another MOVIE WEEK, this time courtesy of The Lego Movie.
Lego Movie billboard
The real question here though is, will you be going to watch this new computer-animated movie for yourself, or for your kids?
Lego Movie billboard
That's the thing, just who is this movie based on the iconic building block toys aimed at?
The Lego Movie extension billboard
Is it for young children who'll enjoy the bright colours and crazy characters, or is it for the nostalgia and the grown up humour and storyline, which obviously this film must have to sustain a whole movie and appeal to adults.
Lego Movie billboard
The film is based on the toy bricks, but it also sports many familiar characters in Lego form, like Batman and other DC Comics superheroes, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, so it's technically the closest we've seen to a Justice League movie in recent years.
Batman Lego Movie billboard
It's a similar strategy to what Toy Story did with classic, instantly recognisable toys, plus what Wreck-It Ralph did with video game characters, mixing something old and beloved, with something new.
The Lego Movie billboard
In this Lego cinematic universe Chris Pratt voices the character of 'Emmet', an ordinary mini-figure who's mistaken for being the special 'Master Builder', who has the power to save their universe from an evil tyrant, 'Lord Business' (voiced by Will Ferrell).
The Lego Movie billboard
Our hapless hero is guided by Morgan Freeman's aged wizard 'Vitruvius' and assisted by Elizabeth Banks 'Wyldstyle' (the Lego chick crashing through the billboards with Emmet), and thankfully their adventures are only 100 minutes long, more than enough time to tell whether you hate or love this newest toyline adaptation.
Lego Movie billboard
Whilst it may be hard imagining who this film is targeted at, at least these eye-catching billboards do a fantastic job of selling the action and excitement (and absurdity?) of the movie.
Lego Movie billboard
The special extension billboards certainly scream Lego with the yellow bricks scattering everywhere, and were spied along Santa Monica Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue on January 15, 2014.
Lego Movie billboard
The other billboard creatives were snapped from January 9 through January 22, 2014 around the streets of L.A., from North Hollywood to West L.A., La Brea Avenue to Wilshire Boulevard, Olympic Boulevard to Beverly Boulevard.

The Lego Movie may be assembling on February 7, but will it all come crashing down, or is this the beginning of a successful new movie franchise, one brick at a time.
The Lego Movie billboard
UPDATED: Not only was The Lego Movie a box office success, but it was also a critically-acclaimed one too, so let's see if that praise translates into accolades this awards season.
Lego Movie Award consideration billboard
Here's a special consideration billboard, designed to encourage eligible members to cast their votes for the animated feature, spied along the Sunset Strip on December 31, 2014.
Lego Movie consideration billboard

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Grammys 2014 Music Unleashes billboards...

Pink Music Unleashes Rebellion Grammys 2014 billboard
Awards season is upon us, and after the glitz and glamour of the television and movie ceremonies like the Golden Globes and Screen Actor Guild Awards, it's time for the strutting and swagger of the music industry's main event, The Grammys.
Macklemore Music Independence Grammys 2014 billboard
The 56th annual Grammy Awards will be held at L.A.'s Staples Center today and here's an array of billboards from this year's 'Music Unleashes' ad campaign that have been publicizing the event to be aired on CBS.
Taylor Swift Music Unleashes Stories Grammys 2014 billboard
Pink, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Taylor Swift are the showcased artists for this billboard campaign, whether it be Pink unleashing 'rebellion', Macklemore & Ryan Lewis unleashing 'independence' or Taylor Swift unleashing 'stories' through their music (thankfully there's not a Bieber in sight).
56 Grammy Awards nominees album billboard
There's also this 2014 Grammy Nominee album billboard to be spied along the Sunset Strip in the run up to the broadcast, this one snapped on January 10, 2014.
Pink Grammys 2014 billboard
Macklemore Ryan Lewis Grammys 2014 billboard
These billboards were certainly all over this city at the start of the New Year, from Santa Monica Boulevard to Highland Avenue, Melrose Avenue to West L.A., 3rd Street to Fairfax Avenue, Sunset Boulevard to La Brea Avenue, and were photographed from January 2 to January 14, 2014.
Taylor Swift Grammys 2014 billboard
Pink Rebellion Grammys 2014 billboard
These featured recording artists, all nominated for various awards from Best New Artist, to Album of the Year, or even Song of the Year, represent a broad spectrum of music styles and audience tastes to help draw a diverse viewing public.
Music Unleashes Independence Grammys 2014 billboard
Taylor Swift Grammys 2014 billboard
What do you think of this year's ad creatives compared to previous billboards for the awards show, especially as this year there's not a hashtag in sight?

Be sure to check out these billboard designs for The Grammys from previous years to compare and contrast.
Music Unleashes Rebellion Pink Grammys 2014 billboard
For another approach to advertising a music awards broadcast, take a look at this special glittering lips billboard for the American Music Awards from last November 2013.
Music Unleashes Independence Grammys 2014 billboard
Now that The Grammys have been awarded for another year, let the countdown to the Oscars begin.
Taylor Swift Grammys 2014 billboard