Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wishing you a magical holiday Wells Fargo billboard...

Wishing you a magical holiday Wells Fargo billboard
Daily Billboard always appreciates when companies go the extra mile and produce jolly holiday billboards to fill the skies with festive cheer, like this wintery stagecoach ad creative from Wells Fargo bank.
magical holiday Wells Fargo billboard
Considering that Wells Fargo's stagecoach is a piece of American history, as the bank really did use six-horse stagecoaches to conduct their business in the past, this snowy scene (complete with snowman) helps reinforce the bank's heritage and brand identity, plus spreads tidings of comfort and joy at the same time.
Budweiser Designate driver holiday billboard
It's not the only ad this holiday season to feature a horse-drawn carriage though, as Budweiser had the same idea for its 'designate a driver' campaign, giving it a festive snowy twist.
Wells Fargo Holidays 2013 billboard
If you like this magical holiday ad snapped along La Cienega Boulevard on December 22, 2013, be sure to also check out Wells Fargo's festive holiday billboard from 2011.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone, just one more sleep until the special day.
Wells Fargo magical holiday billboard

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