Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Coca-Cola Open Happiness Christmas 2013 billboards...

Coca Cola Christmas Santa 2013 billboard
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays one and all!

What would Christmas Day be without a jolly Coca-Cola Santa billboard. This year St. Nick is blowing off some frosty snowflakes from his ice-cold bottle of Coke, which makes for a nice festive visual.
Coca Cola Christmas 2013 polar bear puffin billboard
This year's festive Coca-Cola Open Happiness campaign also features cute cartoon-like polar bears and puffins sharing a drink together around the skies of L.A.
Coca Cola Open Happiness Christmas 2013 polar bears billboard
It really was a genius idea by Coke in 1931 to use Father Christmas to help sell more of the cola brand outside of the hot weather season, and the iconic 'Coke Santa' really has become an integral part of pop culture.
Coca-Cola Christmas santa 2013 billboard
If you're a fan of Coke's Kris Kringle, be sure to check out these Coca-Cola Santa billboards from 2008 and 2009, plus the Coke Santa billboard ad from 2010 and the festive Coca-Cola Santa from 2012. Which ad design is your favourite?

Daily Billboard's only criticism of this year's Santa ad is that both the 'open happiness' tagline and Coca-Cola logo may look festive, but from a distance become very blurry and hard to read in that glowing font.
CocaCola Open Happiness 2013 billboard
If you're wondering where the 2011 version is, Daily Billboard couldn't find one at the time and thinks it may have been replaced by Coke's Arctic Home Polar Bear ad campaign instead, which had a charity and environmentally-friendly theme to help the wild animals in their natural habitat.
Coke Santa Christmas 2013 billboard
This year's snowflake blowing Santa billboard was snapped on November 11 along Westwood Boulevard, whilst the puffin and baby polar bear creative was spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard a day earlier on November 10, plus the polar bears sitting in the moonlight was spied on November 14, 2013 at near Hollywood & Highland.
Coca Cola Christmas 2013 polar bears billboard
Hopefully these billboard ads have helped fill you with some festive cheer, so have a wonderful day and remember to crack open a Coke if you need to quench your thirst, or help wash down your Christmas lunch.
Coca Cola santa Christmas 2013 billboard
UPDATED: To add to the collection, here's also the jolly 2015 Coke Santa snapped above San Vicente Boulevard on December 16, 2015.
Make someone happy Coca Cola Santa billboard 2015

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