Saturday, November 9, 2013

WD Absolutely My Cloud billboards...

Finally a cloud of your own My Cloud WD Absolutely sofa billboard
Western Digital's WD Absolutely ad campaign for their hard drive offering earlier this spring seemed a little too corporate and techy, so these new lifestyle creatives for their My Cloud personal cloud storage system are certainly a move in the right direction to being more consumer friendly.
My Cloud WD Absolutely airport billboard
These days it seems every network provider and tech company has a cloud platform, from Apple to Amazon and more besides.

Why save something to your own computer's hard drive when you can upload to this virtual space using multiple devices and access your files from your home or on your travels.
My cloud of your own WD sofa billboard
These My Cloud billboards snapped along Wilshire Boulevard and Ventura Boulevard on October 22, 2013, do the job of conveying you can save everything and access anywhere, from your sofa to an airport lounge (even though the execution is still a little clinical).

The use of an actual cloud visual is a nice device to sell the message and helps save WD from having to explain their offering in technical terms which is always a turn off.

Be sure to compare these new ads to the WD Absolutely launch billboards from March 2013 to see the difference.
My cloud of your own WD airport billboard
UPDATED: Looks like Western Digital are ramping up their visibility with some giant billboards around L.A. for their My Cloud offering just in time for Christmas.
Giant My Cloud WD billboard Andaz Hotel
Giant My Cloud WD billboard
This massive billboard of the sofa creative was snapped on the side of the Andaz Hotel along Sunset Boulevard on November 30, 2013.
Giant My Cloud WD billboard

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