Monday, November 11, 2013

The Wrong Mans series premiere TV billboards...

The Wrong Mans Hulu series premiere billboard
British comedy The Wrong Mans comes to America this November courtesy of Hulu, the online television provider.
Wrong Mans season 1 billboard
The comedy series, which has already been broadcast on BBC Two in the U.K., stars Gavin & Stacey sitcom alumni James Corden and Mathew Baynton, who are two lowly office workers who become dangerously embroiled in a criminal conspiracy after they answer a phone call at a horrific car crash.
Wrong Mans USA billboard Sunset Strip
Hulu joins other On Demand services Netflix and Amazon, who have both entered the world of original TV programming, although it doesn't look like you'll be able to binge-watch this new comedy in the same way you can on Netflix (or at least they're not pushing that benefit).
The Wrong Mans Hulu billboard
These fun billboards for The Wrong Mans (spelt that way to distinguish the new series as a comedy and not a serious drama) were spied along Sunset Boulevard on November 1, 2013.
Wrong Mans billboard
This is be no means the first series to appear on U.K. TV screens first, Netflix recently did the same with Ricky Gervais new series Derek, but with the advent of these online content providers who are competing with traditional TV networks and cable channels, it's a clever strategy to source new shows and probably has less risk if the series has already been successful in other markets.
Wrong Mans billboard ad
UPDATED: Here's a squarer format of the ad creative and Daily Billboard hadn't noticed before the hooded figure lurking in the doorway at the back.
The Wrong Mans series premiere billboard
This billboard version, which stands out so beautifully against that California blue sky, was spotted along Fountain Avenue on November 24, 2013.
Wrong Mans US billboard

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