Friday, November 29, 2013

Mob City series premiere TV billboard...

Mob City series premiere billboard
Just how do you follow up the phenomenal success of helming The Walking Dead TV show you may ask, well in Frank Darabont's case it's to bring the film noir style to the small screen in TNT's new Mob City.
Mob City TNT billboard
Based on the real life events of the decades long conflict between the L.A.P.D. led by Police Chief 'William H. Parker' (Neal McDonough) and the notorious crime boss 'Mickey Cohen' (Jeremy Luke) in 1940's Los Angeles, this fast-paced crime drama exists in the world of glamorous Hollywood stars, returning war heroes, corrupt cops and politicians, ruthless tycoons and a dangerous West Coast criminal underground.
Mob City billboard
Jon Bernthal ('Shane Walsh' of The Walking Dead fame) headlines the cast as an ex-WWII Marine and L.A. Police Detective 'Joe Teague' caught in the middle of the shady battle between deadly gangsters and corrupt law enforcement.
Mob City season 1 billboard
This billboard for Mob City, which will air twice nightly on Wednesdays over a special three week period starting December 4, was spied along Sunset Boulevard on November 11, 2013.

If you like the sound of this new crime noir show, be sure to also check out these original movie costumes, props and cars from Gangster Squad which was also about Mickey Cohen (played by Sean Penn) and the covert cop squad that was tasked with taking him down.
Mob City series premiere billboard

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