Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Google Play Unlimited Music special extension billboards along L.A.'s Sunset Strip...

Google Play Unlimited music special extension billboard
This duo of billboard hoardings along L.A.'s Sunset Strip has become a very popular location to try some inventive ad creatives, take for example this new pair for Google Play's unlimited music offering.
Google Play music speakers extension billboards Sunset Strip
Google Play Unlimited music speakers special extension billboard
These ads cleverly convey music with the multi-coloured speakers spreading from one side of the busy road to the other, and they are made even more noticeable by the special extensions breaking the standard dimensions of the billboard hoardings.
Google Play Unlimited music billboard
Google Play music billboard
Google Play music speakers extension billboards Sunset Strip
Looks like the rulers of your online universe are looking to extend their domain over the world of music with Google Play's new unlimited music experience.
Google Play Unlimited music extension billboard
Google Play music speakers billboard
It appears the likes of streaming and subscription music services iTunes radio, Sirius XM satellite radio, Pandora and Rdio have some serious new competition for the air waves, and once again the way we consume our music, and media in general, is undergoing another seismic change as technology keeping changing at an astonishing pace.
Google Play Unlimited music billboard
These fun, colourful eye-catching billboards were spied eastbound along the busy commuter belt of Sunset Boulevard on November 6, 2013.

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Google Play speakers billboard
UPDATED: Here's an additional super tall Google Play music billboard spied on the side of the Sunset Vine Tower in Hollywood on November 24, 2013.
Google Play music billboard Sunset Vine

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