Thursday, November 28, 2013

David Yurman limited edition Patrón Tequila billboard...

David Yurman limited edition Patrón Tequila billboard
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What better way to kick off the party than with a shot of tequila, or at the very least if you're taking a present to thank someone for their invitation to Thanksgiving dinner you couldn't go far wrong with this limited-edition bottle of Patrón Añejo with its unique bottle-stopper designed by luxury jeweler David Yurman.
David Yurman limited edition Patron Anejo Tequila billboard
Last year fashion designer John Varvatos put his own distinctive spin on the Patrón bottle with a rocking guitar head inspired design, so be sure to check out the John Varvatos Patrón special extension billboard from last November.
David Yurman Jewelry billboard Nov13
Meanwhile this year David Yurman exclusively created this elaborate sword hilt stopper for Patrón Tequila, which is die-cast metal electroplated in gun metal and 24 karat gold, and is inspired by 18th century Japanese Samurai swords.
David Yurman Patron Anejo Tequila billboard
Perfection David Yurman Patron Tequila billboard
Here's also a selection of the stylish mono billboards for the high-end jewelry designer photographed along Sunset Boulevard in May and August 2012, plus currently in the same ad location in November 2013.
David Yurman Jewelry horse billboard
The 'Perfection by David Yurman' Patrón bottle creative, with the bottle-stopper special extension peaking over the top for extra effect and stand out, was spied along Sunset Boulevard near Crescent Heights Boulevard on November 13, 2013
Patrón Tequila David Yurman billboard
If you're a fan of the tequila brand, be sure to take a look at these other cool Patrón Tequila billboards from previous months.
David Yurman Jewelry billboard May 2012
And if you weren't lucky enough to receive this gift today, not to worry, there's still time to drop some subtle hints for Christmas Day (like showing people this web page for example).

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving celebrations are simply perfect too.
Patron Anejo David Yurman bottle stopper billboard

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