Saturday, November 16, 2013

Controversial SnoreStop Be Together billboard...

SnoreStop US Soldier Muslim woman Be Together billboard
Anti-snoring aids are not the most sexy products in the world, so what do you do when you have quite a hard product to sell? Well, one approach is to go with shock advertising tactics.

This purposefully provocative billboard creative featuring a U.S. soldier embracing a Muslim woman wearing a burka is designed to court controversy with its bigot-bating approach that feed into America's tensions with the Middle-East.
SnoreStop Be Together billboard
Photographed along L.A.'s busy Sunset Boulevard on October 30, 2013, this imagery doesn't really have anything at all to do with the product its selling, which are pills, nasal and oral sprays designed to help people who suffer from snoring.
SnoreStop Be Together billboard
SnoreStop can argue their ad is designed to show diversity in relationships, but the underlying objective here is to attract attention with their choice of couple (if so, job done).

This billboard will certainly have turned heads, but will this PR tactic have actually driven additional sales, or merely generated negative press for the company. What's that saying though, any publicity is good publicity.
SnoreStop Keeping you together billboard

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