Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bonnie & Clyde TV mini-series remake billboards...

Bonnie & Clyde TV mini-series remake billboard
Do we really need another remake of the Bonnie & Clyde story you ask? Apparently so, or at least Lifetime, A&E and the History Channel all agree.
Bonnie & Clyde TV remake billboard
This new interpretation based on the true story of the Great Depression era outlaws, 'Bonnie Parker' and 'Clyde Barrow', will air over two nights, simultaneously being broadcast on all three channels.
Bonnie & Clyde billboard
Holliday Grainger will play the small-town waitress swept off her feet by the charismatic small-time armed robber, played by Emile Hirsch, as they embark on one of the most infamous and violent bank-robbing crime sprees in history.
Bonnie and Clyde TV remake billboard
Taking over all the ad sites for all three channels, these simple and striking billboards for the Bonnie & Clyde remake seem to be everywhere around L.A., including these ads snapped along Sunset Boulevard on October 22, 2013.
Bonnie Clyde 2013 TV remake billboard
He may have held the gun and she called the shots, but this new criminal duo have mighty shoes to fill, following in the cinematic footsteps of Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty in the Oscar-winning 1967 movie.
Bonnie and Clyde 2013 billboard Sunset Strip
This may actually be the biggest heist of the century if they pull it off.
Giant Bonnie & Clyde 2013 remake billboard
UPDATED: Even though Bonnie & Clyde are dominating L.A.'s skyline this past month thanks to them using three networks ad sites, that's obviously not enough for this diabolical duo.
Giant Bonnie and Clyde billboard Sunset Strip
Giant Bonnie Clyde 2013 billboard Sunset Strip
If you're driving westbound along Sunset Boulevard you'll find yourself staring down the barrel of shotgun on this giant billboard, snapped on November 24, 2013, for the new TV event towering over the busy commuter belt.
Giant Bonnie Clyde Lifetime A&E History billboard

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