Saturday, November 30, 2013

Katy Perry Prism album billboard...

Katy Perry Prism album billboard
Katy Perry's chart-topping new album Prism has been out for a while now, but following her opening the American Music Awards last Sunday and since we showcased Lady Gaga and One Direction's new albums this month here at Daily Billboard, it seemed only fair to give this California Gurl her time in the spotlight too.

Have you discovered the delights of Roar, Dark Horse, Walking On Air and Unconditionally, yet?
Katy Perry Prism album billboard
This album billboard featuring a softer, more vulnerable looking singer bathed in sunlight, was spied high over L.A.'s Sunset Plaza against a California blue sky on September 30, 2013.

If you're a Katy Perry fan, be sure to check out her Purrs fragrance billboard and her giant Part of Me movie billboard.
Katy Perry Prism billboard
Katy Perry Prismatic Tour Epix billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a duo of vibrant Epix billboards for Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour spied along Vine Street and La Cienega Boulevard in L.A. on March 4, 2015.
Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour Epix billboard
UPDATED: For fans of the pop star here's also a collection of other Katy Perry billboards spied in recent times.
Katy Perry Rise billboard
First up is the Apocalypse Now-inspired ad creative for her Olympics single, Rise, snapped along Hollywood's Argyle Avenue on August 2, 2016.
Katy Perry Footwear S17 billboard
Next is this fun, vibrant and retro billboard for her spring footwear collection spotted above West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on March 14, 2017.
Katy Perry Eye-opening pop Spotify billboard
Spotify streamed her new studio album, Witness, with this eye-opening ad creative along Beverly Boulevard on June 12, 2017.
Katy Perry MTV Video Music Awards 2017 billboard
Plus she was getting into the spirit of hosting MTV's Video Music Awards with this astronaut-inspired billboard along the Sunset Strip on August 10, 2017, and this YouTube billboard was spied along Riverside Drive on August 20, 2017.
Katy Perry Witness YouTube billboard

Friday, November 29, 2013

Mob City series premiere TV billboard...

Mob City series premiere billboard
Just how do you follow up the phenomenal success of helming The Walking Dead TV show you may ask, well in Frank Darabont's case it's to bring the film noir style to the small screen in TNT's new Mob City.
Mob City TNT billboard
Based on the real life events of the decades long conflict between the L.A.P.D. led by Police Chief 'William H. Parker' (Neal McDonough) and the notorious crime boss 'Mickey Cohen' (Jeremy Luke) in 1940's Los Angeles, this fast-paced crime drama exists in the world of glamorous Hollywood stars, returning war heroes, corrupt cops and politicians, ruthless tycoons and a dangerous West Coast criminal underground.
Mob City billboard
Jon Bernthal ('Shane Walsh' of The Walking Dead fame) headlines the cast as an ex-WWII Marine and L.A. Police Detective 'Joe Teague' caught in the middle of the shady battle between deadly gangsters and corrupt law enforcement.
Mob City season 1 billboard
This billboard for Mob City, which will air twice nightly on Wednesdays over a special three week period starting December 4, was spied along Sunset Boulevard on November 11, 2013.

If you like the sound of this new crime noir show, be sure to also check out these original movie costumes, props and cars from Gangster Squad which was also about Mickey Cohen (played by Sean Penn) and the covert cop squad that was tasked with taking him down.
Mob City series premiere billboard

Thursday, November 28, 2013

David Yurman limited edition Patrón Tequila billboard...

David Yurman limited edition Patrón Tequila billboard
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What better way to kick off the party than with a shot of tequila, or at the very least if you're taking a present to thank someone for their invitation to Thanksgiving dinner you couldn't go far wrong with this limited-edition bottle of Patrón Añejo with its unique bottle-stopper designed by luxury jeweler David Yurman.
David Yurman limited edition Patron Anejo Tequila billboard
Last year fashion designer John Varvatos put his own distinctive spin on the Patrón bottle with a rocking guitar head inspired design, so be sure to check out the John Varvatos Patrón special extension billboard from last November.
David Yurman Jewelry billboard Nov13
Meanwhile this year David Yurman exclusively created this elaborate sword hilt stopper for Patrón Tequila, which is die-cast metal electroplated in gun metal and 24 karat gold, and is inspired by 18th century Japanese Samurai swords.
David Yurman Patron Anejo Tequila billboard
Perfection David Yurman Patron Tequila billboard
Here's also a selection of the stylish mono billboards for the high-end jewelry designer photographed along Sunset Boulevard in May and August 2012, plus currently in the same ad location in November 2013.
David Yurman Jewelry horse billboard
The 'Perfection by David Yurman' Patrón bottle creative, with the bottle-stopper special extension peaking over the top for extra effect and stand out, was spied along Sunset Boulevard near Crescent Heights Boulevard on November 13, 2013
Patrón Tequila David Yurman billboard
If you're a fan of the tequila brand, be sure to take a look at these other cool Patrón Tequila billboards from previous months.
David Yurman Jewelry billboard May 2012
And if you weren't lucky enough to receive this gift today, not to worry, there's still time to drop some subtle hints for Christmas Day (like showing people this web page for example).

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving celebrations are simply perfect too.
Patron Anejo David Yurman bottle stopper billboard

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

American Hustle movie billboards...

American Hustle movie billboard
What do you get if you mix Batman, Hawkeye, Katniss Everdeen, Superman's girlfriend and the voice of Rocket Racoon? American Hustle that's what, as David O. Russell assembles an all-star cast of his favourite actors for his latest big screen outing.
American Hustle movie billboard
American Hustle movie billboard
In this retro crime drama set in the late 70's and early 80's based on a true events, Christian Bale plays a conman who along with his grifter girlfriend (Amy Adams) are recruited and forced to worked for Bradley Cooper's FBI Agent, who insinuates them into the world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia as part of a dangerous sting operation.
American Hustle billboard
Many of these actors have worked together on David O. Russell's critically-acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter, and Daily Billboard is all for actors reuniting and playing different parts but just hopes it doesn't become an exercise in vanity film making where those involved forget about the audience because they're all having too much fun making movies together, and the quality of their work, or their perspective suffers.
American Hustle movie billboard
Or they're always in same movies together, a bit like Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in Tim Burton movies, where audiences get tired of the same people interacting together, because quite frankly we've seen it all before (yawn).
American Hustle film billboard
These American Hustle billboards were first spied along Sunset Boulevard on October 30, whilst the larger portrait ad creative was spotted along Highland Avenue in Hollywood on November 14, and smaller ad snapped along Beverly Boulevard on November 25, 2013.

Fortunately this latest offering from this high calibre ensemble cast looks like it's going to be a fun romp of big hair, fabulous nostalgic costumes and the ultimate hustle.

Do it! Do it! Do it! Do the Hustle! Do the Hustle! Do the Hustle! Do the Hustle! Do it! (Sorry couldn't resist).
American Hustle movie billboard ad
UPDATED: Often movies can have different advertising campaigns in other territories, but you can see from this London Underground poster for American Hustle snapped on December 17, 2013, that the ad creative is very similar, even if the movie is released about a month later.

Plus be sure to also check out these fabulous original costumes worn in American Hustle on display too.
American Hustle London tube poster
UPDATED: Now that we're in the final countdown to this year's Academy Awards, more and more Oscar consideration billboards are popping up around L.A. for the contenders.
Amy Adams American Hustle Oscar consideration billboard
One that really caught Daily Billboard's magpie eye, was this arresting American Hustle Best Picture billboard featuring Amy Adams in hair-rollers as 'Sydney Prossner'. Nominated for ten Oscars overall, not only is the film up for Best Picture, but Amy Adams and Christian Bale are up for Best Actress and Best Actor in Leading Roles, with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper up for Best Supporting Actor roles too.
American Hustle Christian Bale Oscar billboard
The vibrant Amy Adams creative was spied along Santa Monica Boulevard in West L.A. on February 14, 2014, whilst the Christian Bale version (as 'Irving Rosenfeld') was spotted further east along the same major commuter artery the same day.
American Hustle Amy Adams Oscar billboard
The film has already won three Golden Globes, including one apiece for the actresses, plus taken home the Screen Actor Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast, so let's see if the movie can hustle up any further accolades this awards season.
American Hustle Christian Bale Oscar billboard
Here's another Christian Bale Oscar consideration creative, this one with a quote from Rolling Stone magazine, spied along L.A.'s Sunset Strip on February 17, 2014. Interestingly this billboard hoarding used to be an electronic version until the digital signs were banned and shut down in Los Angeles in April 2013.
American Hustle Oscar billboard

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kirstie sitcom series premiere TV billboards...

Kirstie series premiere billboard
Kirstie Alley in back on our TV screens and she's not alone, as her new sitcom, Kirstie, reunites her with her Cheers co-star Rhea Perlman and Seinfeld alum Michael Richards.
Giant Kirstie series premiere billboard
There's also some new blood in the form of Eric Petersen, who plays 'Arlo', the long lost son of Kirstie Alley's Broadway star 'Madison Banks', who she gave up 26 years ago and who wants to reconnect with his birth mother now that his adopted mother has died.
Kirstie TV Land sitcom billboard
TV Land certainly seems to be the place to give comedy legends another chance of fame, you just have to look at the female cast of Hot in Cleveland, which stars Golden Girl Betty White, plus Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick, or 3rd Rock for the Sun's Kristen Johnston and Scrubs Donald Faison (amongst others) in The Exes.
Giant Kirstie TV Land sitcom billboard
Following her popular appearances on TV's Dancing with the Stars, the regular version and returning for the all-stars season, it looks like Kirstie gets her chance to shine in her own sitcom again, just like in NBC's Veronica's Closet which ran for three seasons from 1997 to 2000.
Kirstie season 1 billboard
Kirstie sitcom billboard
TV Land certainly seems to be supporting her new show with lots of standard landscape billboards like these ads spied along Sunset Boulevard and Cahuenga Boulevard on November 8, plus this giant-sized showbiz ad creative snapped along L.A.'s busy Sunset Strip on November 22, 2013.
giant Kirstie sitcom billboard
The cable channel certainly seems to have enjoyed great success by bringing back beloved comedy stars in recent years, so let's hope they can strike comedy gold again with Kirstie.

And if the all-star cast doesn't entice you, maybe guest-stars like John Travolta, Kathy Griffin, Jason Alexander and Kristen Chenoweth will tempt you to give it a try.
Kirstie series premiere billboard

Monday, November 25, 2013

Rick and Morty crashed UFO special installation 3D billboard...

Rick and Morty crashed UFO special installation billboard
Forget about Sundays, today it's Funday Monday with this fantastic crashed UFO special installation 3D billboard for Adult Swim's new animated series Rick and Morty to kick start another fantastic week here at Daily Billboard.
Rick and Morty series premiere Adult Swim billboard
This eye-catching spectacle is to help launch the new comedic cartoon series from Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland which is a twisted take on the crazy scientist and teenage boy duo that was so popular in the Back to the Future trilogy with 'Doc Brown' and 'Marty McFly'.
Rick and Morty crashed UFO special billboard
Rick and Morty special 3D billboard
Crashed UFO Rick and Morty special 3D billboard
In this series, young 'Morty' is dragged along on high concept sci-fi shenanigans by his crazy grandpa 'Rick', and even though the characters may be inspired by the time-traveling adventures of Back to the Future, the comedy show is also influenced by classic British science fiction like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Doctor Who.
Rick and Morty season 1 Adult Swim billboard
Regardless of the inspiration for the series, this is certainly a PR worthy billboard to grab attention for the new Adult Swim show and Daily Billboard doesn't know whether that is a crashed UFO or some time-travel machine, but it does look like Rick was drunk at the wheel when it crashed.
Crashed UFO Rick Morty special Adult Swim billboard
Rick and Morty crashed UFO special 3D billboard
Special 3D Rick and Morty billboard installation Sunset Boulevard
This spectacular 3D billboard installation can be found above the Sunset Car Wash when you're traveling westbound in L.A., and if you carry on along Sunset Boulevard you'll also find a standard 'Wanted for crimes against interdimensional space' billboard for the Rick and Morty show in Adult Swim's regular ad location (both these billboard examples were spied on November 24, 2013).
Rick and Morty Adult Swim billboard
Rick and Morty crashed UFO billboard installation Sunset Boulevard
Always willing to challenge perceptions (and please Daily Billboard), Adult Swim continues to push the boundaries with this fun and arresting billboard.

And if you like this amazing billboard, be sure to check out these other special billboard installations all designed to catch your eye with their extra-dimensional concepts.
Rick and Morty series premiere Adult Swim billboard installation
UPDATED: Now that we've been teased by some fantastic 'Wanted' ads and installations, here's the first season billboard for Rick and Morty revealed.
Rick and Morty season 1 billboard
This colourful new billboard promises many more scientific experiments gone awry and monstrous repercussions and was spotted along Sunset Boulevard on January 3, 2014.
Rick and Morty season 1 billboard