Sunday, October 13, 2013

Starts with Jambox Jawbone billboards...

Starts with Jambox swimming pool Jawbone billboard
A few things sprung to Daily Billboard's mind upon first seeing these 'Starts with Jambox' billboards. Firstly, what the heck is Jambox, or Jawbone, for that matter?
Starts with Jambox bathtub Jawbone billboard
With the young female models, are these ads for a new jewelry or fashion line? And if so, isn't it a bit late in the fashion season to be having a girl modeling a bikini in a swimming pool?
Giant blue Jambox billboard Sunset Strip
With all that being said, they are quite arresting and eye-catching visuals, especially the giant-sized swimming pool creative along L.A.'s busy Sunset Boulevard.

The ads are in fact for Jawbone's wireless audio speakers, and best of all the sleek Jambox device can be customized in the colour combinations of your choice.
Giant Starts with Jambox pool billboard
As this product is all to do with music it stands to reason that the technology brand would want to position its speaker product along L.A.'s infamous Sunset Strip, which is well known for its music heritage and credentials.
Gold Jambox bathtub billboard
Both billboards were spotted along Sunset Boulevard on September 30, 2013, perfect timing really for the fast-approaching gift-giving season.
Giant Jambox swimming pool billboard Sunset Strip

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