Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Free Birds movie billboards...

Free Birds movie billboard
Hang on to your nuggets, here comes yet another animated movie with cute creatures, this time of the fowl variety in the form of Free Birds, just in time for Thanksgiving.
Free Birds Hang on to your nuggets billboard
Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson are 'Jake' and 'Reggie', two turkeys on a mission to save all their feathered kind by traveling back in time to get turkey taken off the seasonal holiday menu for good.
Free Birds Hang on to your nuggets billboard
Forgive the pun, but the colour design of this Free Birds creative looks a little cheep, er, cheap.
Free Birds film billboard
The bold 'Hang on to your nuggets' headline and the bright red, yellow and orange hues make this movie billboard look and feel a bit like a fast food or a 'happy meal' toy ad, but maybe that's the intention as it's supposed to appeal to kids.
Free Birds movie billboard
The standard landscape billboard for animated comedy was first spied along Westwood Boulevard on October 4, plus along San Vicente Boulevard on October 10, whilst the smaller ad creative was snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard on October 15, 2013.
Free Birds billboard
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Free Birds movie billboard ad

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