Friday, October 25, 2013

Burberry watches The Britain billboards...

Burberry watches Britain Gabriella Wilde billboard
You can tell the gift-giving season is fast approaching when more and more billboards for jewelry, fragrances and watches start to appear in the skies at this time of year.
Burberry watches Britain Rob Pryor billboard 2012
Case in point is this mono billboard for Burberry Watches and their 'Britain' watch, which comes in a male and female versions.
Burberry watches Britain billboard 2013
This stylish ad campaign was shot for the British designer fashion brand by infamous photographer, Mario Testino.
Burberry watches Britain Rob Pryor billboard
The male ad creative featuring musician-turned-model, Rob Pryor, was snapped last October 2, 2012 along L.A.'s Sunset Plaza, whilst the female version starring actress Gabriella Wilde was spotted in a same location a year later on October 5, 2013.

Once Halloween is out of the way, you know that the countdown to Christmas will begin, so be prepared.
Gabriella Wilde Burberry watches Britain billboard

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