Sunday, October 27, 2013

Azzaro Chrome United fragrance billboard...

Azzaro Chrome United fragrance billboard
With the nights drawing in and the clocks about to go back an hour soon, it's nice to see an ad keeping the feel of summer alive.

This stylish lifestyle billboard for the launch of Azzaro's new Chrome United fragrance apparently has spicy-woody notes and was inspired by time spent with friends and the fun moments that make life more enjoyable and relaxing.
Azzaro Chrome United fragrance billboard
This new fragrance ad certainly captures what the brand was hoping to achieve and was spied along Sunset Plaza above Mel's Drive-In Diner on October 5, 2013.

Daily Billboard especially likes the colour combination of the mono photograph and the men's cologne bottle in blue, which helps it really pop against the grey tonal background.
Azzaro Chrome United mens fragrance billboard
Expect to see even more billboards for designer fragrances, eyewear and jewelry as the gift-giving season approaches, but as long as they all look this cool, at least they'll be pleasant on the eye.

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Azzaro Chrome United billboard ad

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