Thursday, September 12, 2013

Giant Rush movie billboards...

Giant Rush movie billboard
The God of Thunder returns later this year in Thor: The Dark World, but in the meantime the easy-on-the-eyes Chris Hemsworth returns to the skies of L.A. in a big way with these movie billboards for Rush.
Giant Rush movie billboard Hollywood
Giant Rush movie billboard
In the movie the hunky Australian actor plays legendary English Formula One racing driver and notorious playboy, 'James Hunt'.
Rush movie billboard
The biopic drama tells the true story of his merciless sporting rivalry with his Austrian opponent 'Niki Lauda' (played by Daniel Brühl) in the 1970's.
Rush movie billboard
Rush film billboard
Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard brings this tale of competition and fast cars to the big screen and as you can see, there's quite a bit of ad support for the movie.
Giant Rush movie billboard
These massive billboard creatives for Rush were snapped at the busy traffic intersection of Highland Avenue and Franklin Avenue on September 4, and the handsome actor's face (and those eyes) certainly draw your attention even if you're speeding past.
Rush movie billboard
The standard and smaller landscape ad creatives were spotted along Sunset Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard on September 7, 2013.
Rush movie billboard
Rush movie billboard
In the meantime if you can't wait until November for your next Chris Hemsworth fix, be sure to check out these Thor movie billboards for the Avenger's first cinematic outing in 2011 and these Snow White and The Huntsman movie billboards from last year.
Giant Rush film billboard
UPDATED: Rush expanded to more cinemas this weekend after a limited release, but hasn't gained pole position as the animated sequel Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 has landed at number one at the box office.
Giant Rush movie billboard Wilshire Boulevard
However Daily Billboard did spy this giant-sized billboard for the movie along Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood on September 29, 2013, which looks pretty spectacular against that crystal clear blue California sky.
Giant Chris Hemsworth Rush movie billboard

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