Monday, September 30, 2013

Colourful Apple iPhone 5c billboards...

Giant pink iPhone 5c billboard Sunset Strip
In all this time and all the many ad creatives, who knew what was missing from Apple's billboards was a big burst of colour.
The colour on colour combination shouldn't work, but because it's such a departure from their usual white background design, these ads for the new iPhone 5c stand out even more.
Apple iPhone 5c pink billboard
Apple's new plastic iPhone 5c comes in four bold colours, pink, blue, green, yellow and glossy white (for now) and not only is it more colourful for all you fashionistas out there, it's also cheaper to make and retails for less than the iPhone 5 and 5s.
Blue iPhone 5c billboard
This least expensive iPhone ever was primarily created to appeal to territories like China and other countries where people don't have as much disposable income to spend on gadgets like in the U.S. and the richer parts of Europe (but for us living in America we get to benefit too).
Giant pink iPhone 5c billboard
It's a clever strategy and these vibrant new ad creatives certainly pop and do the job of grabbing your attention.
Green iPhone 5c billboard
Apple hasn't advertised its iPhone products using out-of-home billboards in quite some time, preferring to focus more on supporting new generations of its iPod and launching its iPad tablet in recent years, so that's another reason these billboards make such an impact.
Pink iPhone 5c billboard
Daily Billboard first spied the bright blue iPhone 5c billboard along Santa Monica Boulevard on September 22, whilst the green and pink landscape versions followed along Melrose Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard the next day.
Blue iPhone 5c billboard
The larger pink portrait billboard which shows the smartphone's back casing and not from a side on perspective, was snapped along the busy commuter zone of Sunset Boulevard on September 26, 2013.

If you're a fan of technology brand's stylish and sophisticated products, be sure to check out these previous Apple ad campaigns from around the streets of L.A.
Giant Apple iPhone 5c pink billboard
And if anyone's wondering (wink wink), Daily Billboard's favourite colour is blue.
Yellow iPhone 5c billboard
UPDATED: If your favourite colour is yellow, then today is your lucky day, as Daily Billboard spied this yellow creative for the iPhone 5c along Fairfax Avenue on October 5, 2013, completing Apple's vibrant new colour smartphone offering (unless there's also a white version of this creative). 
Apple iPhone 5c yellow billboard
UPDATED: Now that it's nearing the end of November it's time for all the different cooloured iPhone 5c billboards to do a switcheroo and change billboard locations to keep things fresh in the skies of L.A.
Giant Apple iPhone 5c blue billboard
Here's the new giant-sized blue ad creative snapped in Apple's flagship Sunset Boulevard billboard location beside the Cheateau Marmont Hotel on a beautiful November 24, 2103. It's pretty amazing to think that the power and popularity of the Apple brand means they don't need any words to convey their message.
Giant blue iPhone 5c billboard
UPDATED: Here's another giant billboard for the iPhone 5c from across the pond in London, snapped near Chancery Lane underground station on December 13, 2013. 
Giant green iPhone 5c billboard London
London Underground iPhone 5c poster
Plus here are some more colourful variants for the Apple ad campaign spied on the London Underground side-by-side on December 17, 2013.
London tube iPhone 5c poster
UPDATED: Apple continues to push their iPhone 5c in L.A. in the New Year with some giant-sized billboards appearing on the side of Sunset Vine Tower in Hollywood.
Giant iPhone 5c billboard Sunset Vine
Spotted on January 7, 2014, these super tall creatives certainly stand out from a distance and this photo below was taken miles away from Runyon Canyon.
Giant iPhone 5c billboards Hollywood

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