Friday, August 9, 2013

Vons local produce special extension billboards...

Grown for Vons tomatoes special extension billboard
This duo of special extension billboards from Southern California supermarket chain Vons is for all you visitors who voted that they'd like to see more food-themed adverts here at Daily Billboard.
Local produce Vons grapes special extension billboard
There's nothing like a special extension to catch your eye (although Daily Billboard is also quite partial to a good 3D installation) and these ads to highlight the grocery chain's selection of locally selected and grown produce certainly stand out in the skies of L.A.
Vons tomatoes extension billboard
To be honest, these billboards are pretty much 'food pornography'. By that we mean big visuals, zooming in on the produce in graphic detail, literally pimping out their fruit and vegetable selection.
Vons grapes extension billboard
California is a real growing state, so these ads are a fantastic way to help make the grocer's customers aware that their products are locally sourced (especially in the current economic climate when supporting local employment and business is so important).
Grown for Vons in Oxnard tomatoes billboard
The special extension grapes creative was spied along Sunset Boulevard above the Sunset Car Wash on July 2, whilst the vibrant trio of tomatoes billboard was spotted at the intersection of San Vicente Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard on July 27, 2013.

What do you think, are these ads good enough to eat, or are they a bit too in-your-face?

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Vons grapes special extension billboard

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