Sunday, August 11, 2013

Low Winter Sun series premiere TV billboard...

Low Winter Sun billboard
Not everything is as simple as black and white, that's what this new series premiere billboard for AMC's new film noir crime drama Low Winter Sun helps convey. Even the copy 'Good man. Cop. Killer.' is a little contradictory (how can you be a good man and a killer, especially an implied cop killer?) and perfectly suits a show which starts with the murder of a fellow cop by a Detroit detective.

No doubt AMC is hoping that this story of murder, deception, revenge and corruption, where the lines between the police and criminals are blurred, will be a new gritty drama to replace the likes of Breaking Bad coming to an end this season.
Low Winter Sun season 1 billboard Sunset Strip
Having played lots of villains, mobsters and shady characters in his career, like 'Sinestro' in Green Lantern, 'Lord Blackwood' in Sherlock Holmes and 'Frank D'Amico' in Kick-Ass to name but a few,  Mark Strong is an excellent choice to play a conflicted Detroit homicide detective named 'Frank Agnew'.

This Low Winter Sun billboard was first spied along Sunset Boulevard at San Vicente Boulevard on July 16, 2013.

Even though the series has a cool title, only time will tell if this is the dawn of a bright new television drama.
Low Winter Sun series premiere TV billboard

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