Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kick-Ass 2 movie billboards...

Giant Kick Ass 2 movie billboard
Are you ready to kick ass again? Well unlikely teen heroes 'Kick-Ass' and 'Hit-Girl' are masked up and ready to kick crime in the butt in this sequel to the 2010's woefully under-appreciated, ultra-violent action-comedy.
Kick Ass 2 movie billboard
And this time our non-superpowered duo, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloë Grace Moretz, are not alone, as their hands-on vigilante bravery has inspired a new wave of amateur masked crusaders.
Kick Ass 2 movie billboard
Enter 'Justice Forever', led by ex-mobster 'Colonel Stars and Stripes' who is played by Jim Carrey, who has already rather controversially distanced himself from his participation by tweeting that he can't condone the level of gun violence in the movie (although it makes you wonder why he took the role to begin with, didn't he read the script?).
Kick Ass 2 film billboard
Superbadass Christopher Mintz-Plasse is also back as 'Red Mist' to avenge his father's death in the first movie and this time he rechristens himself as the super-villain 'The Motherf@#$*r', recruiting his own evil league to take down our heroes.
Kick Ass 2 movie billboard
Based on Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s creator-owned comic book series, Kick-Ass is comic book loving teenager, 'Dave Lizewski', who tries to be a real-life crime-fighter by making his own costume and patrolling the city streets. On his first superhero outing he gets stabbed and hit by a car, leaving him with metal plates in his body and permanent nerve damage, giving him a high endurance to pain.
Giant Kick Ass 2 movie billboard
Becoming a YouTube sensation on a subsequent patrol and getting mixed up with fellow vigilantes 'Big Daddy' and his darling daughter, the potty-mouthed 'Hit-Girl', and taking on a local crime boss, leave our green and yellow clad hero battered and our heroine fatherless.
Kick-Ass 2 billboard
Now these heroic teens are back and trying to live normal lives, but evil just won't leave them alone. It's time to suit up again, and kick twice as much ass.
Kick Ass 2 movie billboard
Kick-Ass was criticised for being über-violent, but Daily Billboard thinks people missed the whole point of the movie, it was supposed to be a parody of the superhero genre and our violent times (whilst still being a compelling superhero origin story).

With real-life consequences, like permanent physical damage and death, it's not like it was glorifying violence for violence sake, and at the end of the day it's fantasy and make believe, and never tried to be anything but.
Kick-Ass 2 billboard
Let's hope Kick -Ass 2 will be just as fun and engaging, and no doubt controversial to the puritanical police, as the first installment. At the end of the day, Daily Billboard just wants more Hit-Girl, who is played to perfection by Chloë Grace Moretz.
Kick-Ass 2 movie billboard
This spectacular giant-sized billboard for Kick-Ass 2 with our masked heroes casting their watchful gaze over the streets of Westwood was snapped along Wilshire Boulevard on July 30.

The varied standard landscape billboards were spied along Sunset Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard from July 23 to July 30, whilst the smaller creative was spied along West Olympic Boulevard on July 27, 2013.

If you're a fan of the superhero, be sure to also check out these Kick-Ass billboards for the first movie.
Giant Kick Ass 2 movie billboard
UPDATED: Not satisfied with this super-sized ad creative in Westwood, Kick-Ass 2 has also commandeered the two prime billboard locations at the intersection of Highland and Franklin Avenues in Hollywood (recently vacated by another film sporting lots of guns, 2 Guns).
Giant Kick-Ass 2 movie billboard Hollywood
Giant KickAss 2 movie billboard
These vibrant giant ads featuring the masked vigilantes certainly catch your eye, but only time will tell if this R-Rated sequel will perform better at the U.S. domestic box office than the original movie did.
Giant Kick-Ass 2 movie billboard

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