Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing Stella Artois Cidre billboards...

Introducing Stella Artois Cidre billboard
No matter how you spell it, there's something about cider that goes perfectly with summer and relaxing in the sunshine.
Stella Artois Cidre billboard
Maybe it's the thought of those juicy apples, or just the refreshing bubbly taste, but a glass of chilled cider on a hot summer day can be sheer bliss.
Introducing Stella Artois Cidre billboard Sunset Strip
Introducing Stella Artois Cidre billboard
It may also have something to do with Daily Billboard hailing from the U.K. that makes the thought of this new Stella Artois European-style cider so appealing, with its Belgian recipe and crisp taste (not to be confused with the non-alcoholic apple juice variety served hot or mulled around Halloween and the winter Holidays here in America).
Stella Artois Cidre hand-picked apples billboard
These refreshing looking billboards for Stella Artois Cidre, highlighting its quality hand-picked ingredients, were spied along Sunset Boulevard above the Carneys hot dog and burger rail car diner on August 6, plus above Wilshire Boulevard opposite the La Brea Tar Pits on August 23, 2013.
Stella Artois Cidre cider billboard
Introducing Stella Artois Cidre billboard
For a different approach to advertising cider, here's a duo of billboard and tube posters spied around the streets of London, Britain in May 2013.
Now is a good time Magners cider billboard
These creatives for Irish cider Magners are clearly less refined, but they are lots of fun and capture the spirit of a good time perfectly.
Now is a good time Magners cider London tube poster

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