Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Giant Doomsday Castle series premiere TV billboard...

Giant Doomsday Castle series premiere billboard
Doomsday Castle sounds like a fantastic concept for a show. Just imagine the synopsis, travelers from the future are trapped in Medieval Times with only their advanced knowledge, a few crossbows and their wits to keep them alive.
Giant Doomsday Castle billboard Sunset Strip
Well forget all that and prepare for an entirely different show courtesy of the National Geographic Channel, which follows a family in Carolina who have built their own isolated castle in the woods in the present day to prepare themselves for a possible apocalyptic doomsday scenario.

This castle, which comes complete with drawbridge, portcullis and an underground bunker, is where the family train to use catapults and crossbows, in case an electromagnetic pulse knocks out technology and sends their neighbours into a barbaric looting frenzy. It's like NBC's futuristic fantasy television series Revolution in real life.

Like the tagline says, 'Nothing brings a family together like armageddon', or possibly tears it apart?
Giant Doomsday Castle National Geographic billboard
This imposing giant-sized wallscape creative was snapped along Sunset Boulevard at Alta Loma Road on August 6, 2013 (it may be the last time for a while Daily Billboard will be able to capture ads in this location, as it appears Sunset Strip has some major construction planned around this site in the coming months).
Giant Doomsday Castle billboard
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Giant Doomsday Castle season 1 billboard

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