Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ashley Madison extramarital affairs billboards...

Ashley Madison Bringing marriages back to life billboard
Now Daily Billboard has seen it all, not only does the extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison think their 'service' can save marriages, but they've resorted to supernatural horror creature of the moment, zombies, to help sell their message.
Ashley Madison marriages back to life billboard
It's a clever strategy to get your attention, but not all the cleavage in the world makes this ad sexy. Just like the website itself, it's no secret that this billboard is a bit tacky.

Although, as their previous billboard in the same location along Sunset Boulevard proclaimed, they've already 'serviced' over 20 million cheaters, so there's certainly a market for this type of website. Ah well, so much for the sanctity of marriage.
Ashley Madison Over 20 Million serviced billboard
The branding on these billboards isn't very consistent either, in fact Daily Billboard thought the first teaser ad was actually for McDonalds at first glance with that red, yellow and white colour scheme mirroring the fast food chain's brand identity. Obviously these billboards are not selling hamburgers, they're offering meat of a whole different variety.
Ashley Madison marriages back to life zombie billboard
Daily Billboard isn't a prude by any means, but when you've spent your life fighting for the right to even be married if you're gay, the whole concept of this business is in bad taste and makes a mockery of any form of marriage.

Ashley Madison owners Noel and Amanda Biderman may think that their online dating platform, launched in 2001, is 'Bringing marriages back to life', but how long can a marriage last built on lies, betrayal and adultery?
Ashley Madison 20 Million serviced billboard
The 'Over 20 Million serviced' teaser billboard was spotted on July 27 along Sunset Boulevard (not too far from some stripper bars, so probably the perfect placement for the type of clientele they're hoping to attract), whilst the latest zombie-themed creative was spied on August 6, 2013.

But what do you think? Are you offended or titillated by these billboards?

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Ashley Madison Bringing marriages back to life billboard

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