Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Good Love LGBT dating billboard...

Find the One One Good Love LGTB dating billboard
First comes love, then comes marriage...

West Hollywood is no stranger to gay-friendly advertising, but this billboard is very timely and personal for Daily Billboard, as today is my wedding day.
Find the One gay dating billboard
Following the U.S. Supreme Court finding DOMA unconstitutional and repealing the inappropriately named Defense of Marriage Act in June this year, plus refusing to rule on a previously quashed Proposition 8 (which denied Californian same-sex partners the right to marry for four years, even after 18,000 had already been married before this heinous act was voted in), gay couples can once again show their love and commitment by marrying, and be able to enjoy the same rights and benefits as those in straight married unions.
One Good Love billboard West Hollywood
So this very sophisticated 'Find the "One"' creative for long-term LGBT relationship website One Good Love is very appropriate and makes a refreshing change from the usual gay casual hook up ads that dot the skyline at times, like this Manhunt mobile billboard snapped along L.A.'s Sunset Strip in January 2012.
Manhunt mobile billboard Sunset Boulevard Jan12
One Good Love's stylish and more subtle gay targeted dating billboard was spied along Santa Monica Boulevard on July 17, 2013 and Daily Billboard is sure we'll be seeing more advertising like this in the future, possibly even promoting wedding services to cope with the boom in gay marriages.
One Good Love gay dating billboard
Here's another ad from the past in the same location above Santa Palm Car Wash (March 2010 to be specific) aimed at the local 'Dorothy Dollar' or 'Pink Pound' as we like to call it in the U.K. (where over 40% of the local community are gay or bisexual men).
Pink Moving billboard Santa Monica Blvd Mar 2010
Daily Billboard loves glitter, hot pink, unicorns and rainbows as much as the next guy, but smart and sophisticated advertising appeals just as much, if not more, to my gay sensibilities.

In the future let's hope even more U.S. States will follow California (and the twelve other states), until there is equality for all in America and it's viewed not as 'gay marriage', but simply 'marriage'.

It's been fourteen years, so sod the wedding dress, where's my champagne and wedding cake?

I do!
One Good Love LGTB dating billboard

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