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Jack Daniel's Sunset Strip Music Festival billboards...

sharing music meant borrowing friends records Jack Daniels billboard
The Sunset Strip is L.A.'s infamous mile-and-a-half stretch of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, renowned the world over for its decades long rock and roll music history and influence (plus for its concentration of vibrant, eye-catching billboard ads of all shapes and sizes).

A mecca for musicians, rock bands and their admirers, the Strip is home to such legendary venues as Whisky A Go-Go, The Roxy Theatre, the Rainbow Bar and Grill and The Viper Room.
Jack Daniel's Sunset Strip Music Festival billboards
It's no wonder then that an alcoholic drinks brand like the world's best-selling American whiskey, Jack Daniel's, would want to associate itself with the cool and edgy perception of this rock and roll lifestyle.

Over the past few years living close to the Sunset Strip, Daily Billboard has witnessed first hand the strong synergy between the Tennessee whiskey and the notorious location.
There for beginning end Jack Daniel's billboard
This latest batch of black and white billboard creatives certainly reinforce the whiskey brand's association with the music industry as a whole, plus highlights their participation as one of the major sponsors of the annual Sunset Strip Music Festival. This year the festival culminates in a big street fest on August 3, 2013, with bands and recording artists like Linkin Park, Wale and Awolnation headlining.

This duo of billboards on either side of the street, including a cool special extension billboard for extra stand out, were photographed on July 22, with the 'There for the beginning, the end' ad snapped on the side of the now closed Key Club venue. Both vinyl visions will be highly visible during the Sunset Strip Music Festival in these locations (and what is it with this fascination with billboards for the same brands, movies of TV shoes on either side of the street lately, like this cool billboard duo for The Bridge?).
Sunset Strip Jack Daniel's lamppost banner ad
Meanwhile, earlier this year in May 2013 Jack Daniel's took over all the street lampposts along the Strip with this clever ad campaign, including this ingenious branded guitar pick installation, further emphasising their musical credentials. 
Jack Daniel's guitar pick banner ad Sunset Strip
Be sure to take a look at more of these fun and irreverent Jack Daniel's Sunset Strip banner ads that lined the street's skies in May.
Jack Daniel's Sharing music meant billboard
In addition to all this advertising, Jack Daniel's has also been involved with the Sunset Strip's GuitarTown public art installation, which has seen for the past several years giant 10ft Gibson Les Paul fiberglass guitars invade this stretch of West Hollywood, each individually designed by artists as tributes to musicians, bands and rock legends, all to be auctioned off to help charity.

Be sure to check out the previous Jack Daniel's guitar sculpture creation from 2010 and the 2012 guitar homage to photographer Jim Marshall.
Jack Daniel's The Beginning The End billboard
Jack Daniel's Whiskey special extension billboard
If you're a fan of special extension ads like Daily Billboard is, you'll also want to take a look at this billboard for Jack Daniel's Whiskey and Cola variant from May 2011.

Be sure to enjoy your next sip of whiskey (responsibly) and have fun at the festival if you're able to attend.
sharing music jack daniels billboard ad

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