Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gucci vs Prada Eyewear 2013 billboards...

Gucci sunglasses SS 2013 billboard
The other day we had a Battle of the Billboards for men's fragrances in the skies of L.A., and today the eyes have it, as Gucci and Prada duke it out along the Sunset Strip for eyewear dominance.
Designer eyewear billboards Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood is home to many high-profile and highly visible ad sites that various designer fashion brands have staked a claim to over recent months and years, and recently Prada debuted their striking new eyewear ad to go literally head-to-head with Gucci's own sunglasses creative further along the Strip.
Prada Eyewear Summer 2013 billboard
At this time of year when the temperature is rising and sun is shining (although in Southern California you need sunglasses all year around), it's no surprise that you'd see two competing fashion houses vying for your hard earned cash and this Prada vs. Gucci advertising showdown has happened before in this exact same location.
Gucci Eyewear billboard Summer 2013
Which of these Italian fashion label ads do you prefer? Does Gucci or Prada get your vote this time?
Gucci Prada eyewear billboards Sunset Strip
Both are certainly eye-catching creatives, with Gucci opting for that old fashion staple of titillating lesbian-esque imagery as Anja Rubik whispers over the shoulder of Karmen Pedaru, whilst Amanda Murphy sports a sexy wet look for Prada.
Gucci Eyewear billboard Summer 2013
The Gucci billboard was first snapped on June 5 and again when the Prada Eyewear billboard was spied on July 7, 2013.

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Prada sunglasses Amanda Murphy 2013 billboard

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