Friday, July 26, 2013

Disney Planes movie billboards...

Giant Disney Planes movie billboard Sunset Strip
Daily Billboard may be dating ourselves, but it's hard not to look at this giant billboard for Disney's new Planes animated movie and not think of the 1987 John Hughes comedy starring John Candy and Steve Martin - Planes, Trains And Automobiles.
Giant Disney Planes movie billboard
First there was Disney/Pixar's Cars in 2006 (followed by a not so successful sequel in 2011) and now it's time to experience the world above 'Lightning McQueen' and his Radiator Springs pals. Now there's planes, so how long do you think it'll be before we see trains (although hasn't Thomas the Tank Engine got that genre covered), or even ships?
Disney Planes movie billboard
Interestingly this spin-off focusing on the talking aircraft is from DisneyToon Studios and not Pixar (although since Cars director John Lasseter is Chief Creative Officer of both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios you can probably stop your fretting), plus this computer-animated adventure was originally set to be a direct-to-video release, but will now take its first solo flight theatrically.
Giant Disney Planes billboard
The story focuses on a small-town crop-duster called 'Dusty' who wants to be a high-flying racer. There's only a couple of problems, he's not built for it and he's hopelessly afraid of heights. Fortunately in true Disney fashion, with the support of seasoned aviator 'Skipper Riley' and a whole host of new aeronautical friends, he's able to rise to new heights and soar to success.
Disney Planes film billboard
These fun billboards for Planes were spied in the skies of L.A. on July 23, 2013, including this super-sized version along the busy Sunset Strip.
Giant Disney Planes movie billboard
Cars proved to be a huge commercial and merchandising success for the world's largest media conglomerate (in revenue terms) and it even spawned its own Cars Land at Disneyland in California, so Daily Billboard is sure Disney hopes to replicate this success with their latest animated offering.
Giant Disney Planes movie billboard
If you like this giant eye-catching ad for Planes, be sure to also check out this super-sized Cars 2 movie billboard in the same location from May 2011.
Disney Planes movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's another billboard format for the Disney movie, high over Sunset & Vine in Hollywood on July 29, 2013.

Imagine how much more impactful this ad would be if the green plane was a special extension billboard, it would be like it was flying through the air up that high.
Disney Planes movie billboard

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