Friday, July 12, 2013

Banned Project Runway season twelve TV billboard in the skies of L.A...

Banned Project Runway season 12 billboard
Major newspapers and entertainment websites around the world have been reporting that the racy billboard for season twelve of Project Runway has been banned in L.A., but here it is in the skies along L.A.'s Sunset Strip (which is very appropriate for all those gorgeous models in their current state of undress).

In the meantime the no nonsense host and judge of the reality fashion competition, Heidi Klum, and her partner in crime (and invaluable contestant mentor), Tim Gunn, hold court over proceedings once again.
Project Runway season 12 billboard Sunset Strip
The German supermodel is no stranger to dressing up, as Heidi Klum is well known for her eye-catching and original Halloween costumes, plus for previous seasons of the series Heidi Klum has posed in her lingerie on a bed of scissors for Project Runway's tenth season and almost fully nude for Project Runway's ninth season, so this new creative shouldn't be that shocking to anyone.

Daily Billboard thinks this is simply very clever and provocative PR from the team at Lifetime to generate awareness as the series enters its twelfth cycle (and proves these reality talent shows are sometimes more about the judges than those competing in them).

Plus Lifetime is no stranger to controversy as they created a lot of chatter and coverage when they released the racy billboard ads for the series premiere of Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Client List.
Raunchy Project Runway season 12 ad
Here's a portrait version of Project Runway's throne room ad, which in Daily Billboard's humble opinion reminds us a little of the season three billboards for Showtime's The Tudors that graced the L.A. skyline in March 2009. What do you think?

Meanwhile this scandalous billboard for the new season of Project Runway, with 'Queen Heidi' and her fabulous royal advisor (you've got to love those sewing needles as sceptres too), was snapped along L.A.'s Sunset Plaza on a gloomy July 10, 2013. Daily Billboard will be sure to get some better shots once the sunshine and clear skies return, that is, if the billboard is still there.
Racy Project Runway season 12 billboard ad
If this ad has been banned, then someone obviously hasn't gotten the memo.
Raunchy Project Runway season 12 billboard
UPDATED: As promised here are some more pictures of the allegedly 'banned' billboard taken in better and brighter weather conditions in the same Sunset Boulevard location on July 12, 2013.
Project Runway 12 billboard sunset strip
The ad is still there two days later, which lends credence to all this being a big orchestrated PR stunt from the beginning (and the fact that Los Angelenos are not such prudes as to be offended by some hot bare flesh).
banned season 12 Project Runway billboard
Regardless of whether Heidi Klum is a new judge on America's Got Talent, she's always ruled in Daily Billboard's book, so long may her reign as Queen of the reality competition shows continue.

If one thing is certain, we should enjoy this indulgent fantasy as long as it lasts.
Racy series 12 Project Runway billboard

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