Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bridge series premiere TV billboards...

Bridge US remake TV billboard
Now how are two intriguing and arresting ad creatives for the U.S. remake of The Bridge, debuting soon on FX.

The new crime thriller is based on the Danish/Swedish series of the same name, but this time the investigation takes place at the border crossing bridge between El Paso, Texas and Juàrez, Mexico requiring two police officers, one Mexican and one American, to cooperate to solve the mystery of a serial killer terrorising both sides of the U.S./Mexico border.
Bridge series premiere billboards
The Bridge split series premiere billboard
Bridge split series premiere billboard
Diane Kruger stars as 'Sonya Cross' from El Paso PD who must team up with 'Marco Ruiz' (Demian Bichir) from Chihuahua State Police to find the killer of a prominent anti-immigration U.S. Judge amidst a world of drug trafficking, illegal immigration, violence, corruption and prostitution.

Sounds intriguing doesn't it, and these billboards do a great job of teasing the new cop drama.
Bridge fx billboard
Bridge season 1 billboard
The photographed dead body creative with its arms outstretched and face down looks like it's a human bridge across the water, whilst the duo of split illustrated creatives convey the idea even more literally, and is even more effective as the billboards are placed on either side of L.A.'s Sunset Strip forming a bridge across the busy street.

The illustration version's masked figure also has a Day of the Dead/Dia de Muertos vibe to it, which is also a great nod to the setting of the show.
The Bridge legs billboard
Bridge torso billboard
The Bridge special installation billboards
The series premiere creative was first spied along Sunset Boulevard on June 15, plus along Highland Avenue on June 26, whilst the split special installation along Sunset Strip was photographed on June 27, 2013.

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Bridge US remake billboard

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