Saturday, June 15, 2013

Svedka flavoured vodka billboards...

Svedka Vodka 2013 ad campaign billboard
'Alas, poor fembot. We knew her well'. 

That's right, after several years of loyal service, it looks like Svedka Vodka have unplugged their futuristic fembot brand mascot in favour of this vibrant new ad campaign.
Svedka Vodka Orange Cream Pop billboard
Daily Billboard does like these bold new creatives, where the vodka bottle is the hero of the ad and the theme is the possibilities that may unfold when you drink Svedka.
Svedka Vodka Strawberry Colada billboard
Svedka Vodka 2013 billboard
Joining the standard Svedka Vodka are two new variant flavours, Orange Cream Pop and Strawberry Colada.
Svedka Orange Cream Pop billboard
Svedka Strawberry Colada billboard
These fun new creatives were all spied along busy Sunset Boulevard in three different locations from June 5 to June 10, 2013.
Svedka Vodka 2013 billboard
If you like these ads, be sure to also check out Svedka Vodka's fembot ad campaign.
Svedka Vodka Orange Cream Pop billboard
Plus if you're a lover of the clear spirit, take a gander at these other cool vodka brand billboards.

As it's the weekend, let's drink to the success of Svedka's new billboard campaign.
Svedka Vodka Strawberry Colada billboard
UPDATED: Svedka is back in the skies of L.A. to toast the the end of summer with two new variants, Svedka Citron and Svedka Raspberry vodkas.
Svedka Citron Vodka billboard
Svedka raspberry Vodka billboard
These vibrant billboards for the lemon and berry flavoured vodkas were snapped along Sunset Boulevard on September 3, 2013. The yellow, white and black creative for the Citron vodka really pops against that amazing blue California sky, don't you think?
Svedka Citron Vodka billboard
P.S. Although Daily Billboard does like these new ad creatives, we feel there was still some life left in the old fembot. R.I.P. lady, you were a great brand ambassador.
Svedka Raspberry Vodka billboard

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