Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coke Open for Summer billboards...

Coke Open for Summer BBQ billboard
Whether you want to enjoy summertime in the great outdoors, on a beach, or in the garden having a barbecue, Coca-Cola is 'Open for Summer' (or more importantly wants you to open their bottles and cans to quench your thirst this Summer).
Coke Open Summer tent billboard
Daily Billboard loves Coca-Cola's latest ad campaign which is distinctive and totally on brand with its red imagery.
Coke Open Summer umbrella billboard
Beach umbrellas, BBQs and camping tents certainly sum up this time of year for a lot of people, so its interesting to see the infamous cola brand hitch its wagon to the Summer in the same way it tries to own Christmas with its association with its iconic Santa Claus imagery.
Coke Open for Summer BBQ billboard
These arresting soda billboards were spied along Westwood Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue from June 15 to June 22, 2013.
Coke Summer camping billboard
If you like this seasonal Coca-Cola ad campaign, be sure to check out these previous Coke Enjoy Summer billboards and these festive Coke Santa billboards.

And remember, everything in moderation (you don't have to super-size it every time).
Coke Open for Summer billboard

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