Thursday, June 20, 2013

Breaking Bad final episodes TV billboards...

Breaking Bad final episodes billboard
All Bad things must come to an end and Daily Billboard is sure there's a lot of people out there who will be sad to see Breaking Bad go.
Breaking Bad final eps billboard
This teaser billboard for the final episodes (and de facto sixth season), of the critically-adored drama about Walt White and Jesse Pinkman's meth lab exploits, perfectly evokes the spirit of the series.
All Bad things must come to an end Breaking Bad billboard
This clever series finale billboard was spied along Sunset Boulevard above the Saddle Ranch Chop House on June 10, 2013.
Breaking Bad final episodes billboard
If you're a fan of the show, you must also check out these previous season Breaking Bad billboards.
Breaking Bad series finale billboard
Plus if you like those ads, you may also want to check out these billboards for Showtime's Weeds for a drug-dealing series of another kind.
Breaking Bad season 6 billboard
UPDATED: Following on from the teaser campaign, Daily Billboard spied this new rather ominous creative for the series finale along Caheunga Boulevard in Hollywood on July 7, 2013.
Breaking Bad Remember My Name series finale billboard
The close up of Walt and the 'Remember my name' tagline makes it sound like he and the series are going to go out with a bang.
Breaking Bad series 6 billboard
Plus here's another of these final episodes creatives snapped in better light along Sunset Boulevard on July 13, 2013.
Remember My Name Breaking Bad billboard
UPDATED: If you like these series finale Walter White billboards, then you'll love this giant-sized version spied on the side of the 9000 building, towering over West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on July 27, 2013.
Giant Breaking Bad Remember My Name billboard Sunset Strip
Giant Breaking Bad final episodes Walt White billboard
Daily Billboard always loves when a channel celebrates a series final episodes and this super-sized farewell is certainly a highly visible send off.

The only issue with this billboard is the gap at the top. Most ad creatives make full use of the space available, like these recent Devious Maids billboards, so this almost looks like a mistake or that the installation is unfinished, rather than a framing effect. What do you think?
Giant Breaking Bad final episodes billboard
UPDATED: For completion's sake, here's also the 2014 Emmy Consideration billboard for the final episodes of the show featuring the enigmatic Walter White.
Breaking Bad Over but not done Emmy Consideration 2014 billboard
This 'Over but not done' creative to garner Emmy nominations for Breaking Bad was spied along La Cienega Boulevard at Pico Boulevard on May 30, 2014.
Breaking Bad Final Episodes Emmy 2014 billboard

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