Friday, May 3, 2013

Utah tourism and Celebrity Cruises travel billboards...

Giant Utah The Mighty 5 tourism billboard
TGIF! If anyone is looking for inspiration for their Summer vacation then maybe these travel and tourism billboards will help you decide.
Celebrity X Cruises Europe billboard
Daily Billboard has two fantastic destinations to choose from today, The Mighty 5 National Parks in Utah, or a luxurious celebrity European cruise to the likes of magical Greece.
Giant Utah Mighty 5 billboard
If the delights of the American outdoors excite you, then Utah's for you, whilst if you prefer to venture further afield, maybe the beauty and history of Europe beckons onboard a boat (or more like a luxury cruise liner).
Celebrity X Cruises Europe billboard
Sometimes an image can sell an idea better than a hundred words and that's especially true with this stunning Santorini visual, which has spectacular standout along L.A.'s busy Sunset Strip where it was snapped on April 17.
Giant Utah Mighty 5 tourism billboard
This giant-sized Utah tourism billboard is pretty impactful too, towering over Wilshire Boulevard on April 16, 2013.
Celebrity X Cruises Santorini billboard
If you need more holiday inspiration, be sure to check out these other travel and tourism ad campaigns here at Daily Billboard.
Giant Utah tourism billboard
What do you think? If money was no object, which billboard destination most appeals to you. Post a comment and let us know.
Modern Luxury Celebritys Europe billboard

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