Thursday, May 9, 2013

Syfy Igniters I'm your social media billboards...

googled shoes Syfy Igniters billboard
In a creative town like Hollywood it's no surprise that a cable channel like Syfy would try to promote the merits of its audience to potential advertisers and media buyers.
retweeted review Syfy Igniters billboard
It seems the home of shows like Warehouse 13, Defiance, Ghost Hunters and Face Off (to name but a few) has viewers, aka 'Igniters', who are super influential consumers and savvy social media users.
Syfy Igniters latte billboard
They launched their initiative in advance of their 2012 season with the 'I am an Igniter' rocket creative (spied along Beverly Boulevard in January 2012) and followed up with an amended creative approach putting faces to the Igniters name, like the purple 'I spark trends' creative (spotted along San Vicente Boulevard in May 2012).
Syfy Igniters test drive billboard
This latest stylish mono campaign highlighting Syfy viewers social media influence was spotted around the streets of L.A., along Sunset Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard, from April 16 to April 27, 2013.
Igniter Syfy billboard May12
If you're a fan of the science fiction and fantasy genre channel, be sure to check out these Syfy TV show billboards.
Igniter Syfy billboard Jan12
UPDATED: Syfy continues to use outdoor advertising to engage potential advertisers with its Igniters initiative.
2014 Syfy Igniter tweeting about sale billboard
Here are two new creatives from the 2014 ad campaign, highlighting the social media influence of their audience, snapped along Beverly Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard on April 14 and April 21, 2014, respectively.
2014 Syfy Igniter 140 character movie review strikes again billboard
UPDATED: And here's a third new 'happy hour' creative snapped along San Vicente Boulevard on April 28, 2014.
2014 Syfy Igniter happy hour billboard

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