Friday, May 31, 2013

World War Z movie billboards...

World War Z movie billboard
There's been a lot of noise made about the titanic struggle to get World War Z to the big screen, so let's hope the wait has been worth all the fuss.
World War Z movie billboard
These billboards for the movie certainly hint at the zombie pandemic spreading across the globe and the zombie horde reaching up like an army of ants to the helicopter is an especially compelling visual.
World War Z helicopter billboard
The movie is adapted from Max Brooks novel of the same name and stars Brad Pitt as a United Nations worker racing against time around the world to stop the zombie apocalypse and save his family and humanity itself.
World War Z London tube poster
It's interesting to see that in the U.S. creatives featuring Brad Pitt he's cast as more of an action hero with a gun slung over his shoulder, whilst in the U.K. publicity posters he's simply staring out weaponless from an aircraft bay doors.
World War Z movie billboard
World War Z movie billboard
These billboards for the apocalyptic horror movie were spied along Sunset Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard and at Hollywood & Highland in L.A. on May 29, whilst the London Underground poster was spotted at Piccadilly Circus station on May 25, 2013.
World War Z billboard
World War Z film billboard
In footage from the movie the zombies are seen to move at super fast speeds, so let's see if audiences rush to see World War Z with the same rabid enthusiasm.
World War Z London movie poster
UPDATED: Just when you thought you've seen a lot of great billboard creatives, along comes another one, especially when it's on a giant scale which makes you just want to gush about it.
Giant World War Z movie billboard
This spectacular super-sized version of the helicopter creative for World War Z was spied magnificently towering over L.A.'s Wilshire Boulevard on June 3, 2013. If this visual doesn't make you want to go see the film, then your inner nerd must be dead inside.
Giant World War Z movie billboard

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Fosters series premiere TV billboards...

Fosters ABC Family billboard
ABC Family welcomes a new multi-ethnic progressive family into the mix this season with The Fosters.
Fosters tv billboard
A lesbian couple raise their brood of biological, adopted and foster kids, even taking in trouble cases to help give them a loving start in life. Sounds like they have their hands full (but it's all a little easier when you live near a beach).
Fosters series premiere billboard
These billboards for the new ABC Family drama were snapped in two different locations along Beverly Boulevard on May 13, 2013.
Fosters season 1 billboard
UPDATED: The Fosters may have ended after five seasons, but you can still follow the adventures of 'Callie' and 'Mariana Adams Foster' (played by Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez) as they move to L.A. to start their adult lives in Freeform's Good Trouble. This series launch billboard was snapped above Westwood Boulevard on January 19, 2019.
Good Trouble series launch billboard

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Giant Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone billboards in L.A. and London...

Giant Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone billboard
Technology moves so fast these days that you look away for a second and a new version of a smartphone comes along and makes the old one obsolete.
Giant Samsung Galaxy S4 billboard London
To herald their next big thing, Samsung have gone big with their billboards for their sleek and sexy new Galaxy S4.
Giant Samsung Galaxy S4 billboard
This super-sized simple 'next big thing' creative focusing on product shots was snapped on the side of the Sofitel Hotel along Beverly Boulevard on May 14, 2013.
Giant Samsung Galaxy S4 billboard
Meanwhile the U.K. ad has a more lifestyle feel and product benefit focus and was spotted along the M4 Motorway flyover at Brentford in London on May 26, 2013.
Samsung Galaxy S4 billboard
Yes, the weather may not be as good but Daily Billboard thinks the giant-sized U.K. billboard is the better ad creative.
Samsung Galaxy S4 phone billboard London
Be sure to also check out these giant billboards for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.
Samsung Galaxy S4 giant billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a standard landscape billboard from the U.S. ad campaign snapped along La Cienega Boulevard in L.A. on June 17, 2013.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone billboard

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Heineken Beer Star Bottle billboards...

Raise new bottle Heineken Star billboard
There's always some star or another in the spotlight here in Hollywoodland, but this time the star stealing the show is Heineken's new Star Bottle.
When Rome Heineken Star billboard
After nearly two decades the iconic green bottle is getting a makeover to make it bit more modern, and no doubt as sexy as a beer bottle can be.
Celebrate Heineken Star Bottle billboard
Meanwhile don't despair, the bottle shape may be new but you can rest assured that the Heineken beer within tastes the same.
Raise bottle Heineken Star billboard
These engaging new Heineken billboards were spied around the streets of L.A. from Sunset Boulevard to Vine Street in Hollywood on May 14, 2013.
When in Rome Heineken Star Bottle billboard
If you're a fan of the drinks brand, be sure to check out these past Heineken billboards from around L.A. and New York.
new star bottle Heineken billboard
UPDATED: Here's another trio of Heineken billboards for the new Star Bottle snapped along Highland Avenue on June 3, 2013.
Heineken Star Bottle billboards

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Purge movie billboards...

Purge movie billboard
Imagine if for one night a year all crime was legal and at the same time all emergency services and law enforcement was suspended. Scary thought, right? That's the basic premise of the new horror movie, The Purge.
Purge underground poster
This mock 'Emergency Services' creative for the movie was spied along Hollywood Boulevard in L.A. on May 14, 2013. You certainly do a double-take when you see this message at first glance, but fortunately most people are familiar with sophisticated movie advertising these days and it won't start a panic.
Purge film billboard
Plus as a bonus, here's a look at how they are marketing the film differently in the U.K., much more along the lines of focusing on a convention central horror movie villain (which has a slight Clockwork Orange feel to it).
Purge telephone box ad London
Purge London underground movie poster
These particular London underground posters and telephone box ad were snapped in Chiswick and Hammersmith on May 22, 2013.
Purge emergency services suspended billboard
UPDATED: Here's a few posters for the movie showing the different emergency services suspended during The Purge. These posters were spied on the side of Whisky A Go-Go along L.A.'s Sunset Strip on May 30, 2013.
Purge movie posters
Purge Law enforcement billboard
UPDATED: Daily Billboard finally managed to spot one of the law enforcement creatives in the mock public service announcement campaign for The Purge, along La Cienega Boulevard on June 17, 2013.
Purge movie Law billboard

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Clive Owen Three Olives Vodka billboards...

Clive Owen Three Olives Vodka billboard
There's nothing quite like a celebrity endorsement to help draw attention to your billboard. Combine this with a special extension for maximum impact and you're sure to get a few extra eyeballs.

In this instance it's British actor Clive Owen, known for his cinematic roles in Children of Men, King Arthur and Sin City, to name but a few. Now he's the face of Three Olives Vodka and he certainly brings with him that dashing 'shaken, not stirred' quality.

This special extension billboard for the English vodka brand import was spied along Sunset Boulevard on May 15, 2013.
Clive Owen Three Olives billboard
Be sure to also check out these other celebrity endorsement billboards, like these Jennifer Aniston Smart Water billboards, Rihanna Vita Coco billboards and fellow Brit Idris Elba for Tanqueray Gin.
Clive Owen Three Olives special extension billboard
UPDATED: Here's another look at the special extension billboard from another angle and in brighter weather conditions.
Three Olives Vodka billboard Sunset Boulevard
Clive Owen Three Olives Vodka billboard
Plus here's a standard version of the Three Olives Vodka billboard snapped along Wilshire Boulevard on May 29, 2013.
Three Olives Vodka billboard

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rod Stewart Time album billboard...

Rod Stewart Time album billboard
Do ya think he's sexy? Rod Stewart fans are sure to get a kick out of this billboard for his new studio album Time in the skies over L.A.'s Sunset Plaza.
Rod Stewart Time billboard
This shoreline billboard for the raspy rocker and crooner was snapped on May 9, 2013.

The new album has already topped the U.K. album charts, setting a new British record for the longest gap between chart-topping albums by the same artist since his Greatest Hits Volume 1 in 1979.

If you're a music fan, be sure to click through to check out these other music and recording artist-themed billboards.
Rod Stewart Time billboard

Friday, May 24, 2013

Epic movie billboards...

Epic movie billboard
Are you ready to be shrunken down to a magical world of talking slugs, forest warriors and evil forces? Then get ready for an Epic new animated tale from the creators of Ice Age and Rio.
Epic movie billboard
This billboard design is a clever and brave move, as a lot of times an animated movie is sold on the appeal of what the characters look like, which you can't really see as well with this creative. Is the film's cool title enough, or is it too clever for an unknown movie?
Epic billboard
These billboards for Epic were first spied along La Brea Avenue on May 1, whilst another ad was spotted along Robertson Boulevard on May 14, 2013.
Epic film billboard
If you like this ad, be sure to check out these funny billboards for Ice Age Continental Drift too, plus a wealth of other animated movie creatives here at Daily Billboard.
Epic animated movie billboard