Friday, April 19, 2013

TV WEEK: All My Children and One Life To Live soap billboards...

You took my children I want them back billboard
Soap fans rejoice, as The Online Network is reviving former ABC soap dramas All My Children and One Life To Live on Hulu and iTunes.
Who says you've only got one life to live? billboard
Daily Billboard loves these fun copy-only billboards that tease the return of the TV dramas in a back-from-the-dead plot twist that no one was expecting.
All My Children Online Network teaser billboard
These intriguing creatives certainly catch your eye with their playful copy which cleverly incorporate the soaps titles.
One Life To Live Online Network teaser billboard
The All My Children teaser was snapped along Sunset Boulevard at Laurel Avenue on April 2, whilst the One Life To Live creative was spied further west along The Strip over the Saddle Ranch Chop House on April 17, 2013.
All My Children teaser billboard Sunset Boulevard
What with Netflix new programming model and now these returning online series, this certainly is a brave new world for TV viewing.

These shows do seem to have more than one life, but who knows when a shocking new twist will come along and stab these soaps in the back again.
One Life To Live teaser billboard Sunset Strip

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