Monday, April 22, 2013

The Great Gatsby movie remake billboards...

Great Gatsby movie billboard
Alas, it may be another movie remake, but at least these billboards for Baz Luhrmann's version of The Great Gatsby look intriguing, opulent and a bit whimsical too.
Great Gatsby billboard
Great Gatsby movie billboard
Daily Billboard especially likes the motor car creative, which is a fun and different visual than we're used to on a movie billboard, plus at least they are not solely relying on another headshot of Leonardo DiCaprio to sell the movie.
Great Gatsby car billboard
Great Gatsby 2013 billboard
Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's original novel set on prosperous Long Island in the roaring 1920's, Tobey Maguire's Midwestern war veteran is lured by the lavish lifestyle of millionaire neighbour, 'Jay Gatsby' (Leonardo DiCaprio), but he discovers it's not just flambouyant parties in his new circle of noveau riche friends.
Great Gatsby 2013 remake billboard
Great Gatsby movie billboard
These wonderfully evocative billboards for the romantic drama were snapped along Melrose Avenue, Highland Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard and Fountain Avenue from April 9 to April 20, 2013.
Great Gatsby remake billboard
If you're a fan of the actor who plays The Great Gatsby, be sure to check these movie billboards featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.
Great Gatsby movie billboard
UPDATED: In addition to the standard landscape billboards, there's also a selection of smaller creatives lining the skies of L.A.
Great Gatsby movie billboard
This romantic version featuring Elizabeth Debicki and Tobey Maguire was snapped along La Brea Avenue on April 22, 2013.
Gatsby billboard
Plus this dancing creative featuring the duo was spotted along Wilshire Boulevard on April 27, 2013.
Great Gatsby billboard

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