Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iron Man 3 movie billboards...

Iron Man 3 special extension movie billboard
Sometimes less is more, but not in the case of Iron Man 3, as it seems we're to be treated to the many high-tech suits of Tony Stark.
Giant Iron Man 3 movie billboard
Daily Billboard is still amazed that Iron Man has become Marvel's flagship cinematic character as he never seemed as cool or popular as some of the comic publisher's other characters. Kudos really have to go to Jon Favreau for establishing him on the big screen and to Robert Downey Jr. who just is 'Tony Stark', the billionaire playboy inventor (who has some issues with alcohol).
Iron Man 3 billboard
In his third solo installment Shane Black directs the armoured Avenger and pits him against his arch enemy 'The Mandarin' (Ben Kingsley), with nods to the 'Extremis' comic story arc which fundamentally changes Iron Man.
Iron Man 3 movie billboard
After the sheer action-packed air-punching spectacle of Marvel's The Avengers, this movie really needs to redefine Iron Man's place in the Marvel cinematic universe, so no pressure then.
Iron Man 3 movie billboard
Daily Billboard is confident that this superhero can deliver the goods (even if he needs a helping hand from his armoured ally 'War Machine' aka 'The Iron Patriot' and the ever resourceful love of his life, 'Pepper Potts'.)
Giant Iron Man 3 movie billboard
This dramatic giant-sized billboard was snapped along L.A.'s Sunset Plaza on April 6, though Daily Billboard wonders if we'll ever see Iron Man with his helmet on again in publicity posters as Robert Downey Jr. is such an immediately recognisable and bankable face now.
Iron Man 3 movie billboard
The cool special extension versions were spied along Melrose Avenue and 3rd Street on March 27, whilst the small creative was spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on April 9, 2013.
Iron Man 3 movie billboard
If you're a fan of the founding Avenger, be sure to take a look at these cool billboards for Iron Man 2 and Marvel's The Avengers.
Iron Man 3 film billboard
Plus be sure to also check out Robert Downey Jr.'s original suit from Iron Man and Tony Stark's F1 race car from Iron Man 2 on display.
Giant Iron Man 3 billboard Sunset Strip
UPDATED: They finally removed the scaffolding cradle used to instal this fantastic billboard (after more than two weeks, for shame) and so Daily Billboard is delighted to present these unobstructed photos for your enjoyment.
Giant Iron Man 3 film billboard
Giant Iron Man 3 billboard
Let's hope this third Iron Man chapter doesn't disappoint as it kicks off Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will be followed by sequels for Thor, Captain America, The Avengers and the movie debut of Marvel's cosmic Guardians of the Galaxy.
Giant Iron Man 3 billboard
Excited, yet? Excelsior.
Giant Iron Man 3 billboard

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