Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vice series premiere TV billboards...

Vice HBO series premiere billboard
Vice is a fresh news magazine series debuting on HBO this Spring taking its name from the hipster publication and growing media empire of the same name, which promises to bring viewers startling and cutting edge stories from around the globe.
Vice HBO billboard
An old-fashioned television set in a bombed out street is certainly a great visual to hint at what's in store from the documentary show which ambitiously touts a fearless approach to uncovering the scariest, weirdest and most absurd happenings known to the human race.
Vice HBO billboard
Expect stories on child suicide bombers, political assassinations, forced labour camps, black market transplant organ sales and more unexpected and unconventional news coverage besides.
Vice HBO billboard
These eye-catching billboards (which have a great colour palette) for the new series were spied along Sunset Boulevard on March 9 and Melrose Avenue on March 22, 2013.
Vice HBO season 1 billboard

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