Thursday, February 14, 2013

Apple iPad and iPad mini side by side billboards...

Giant Apple iPads car game billboard
This month Apple is back to fill the skies of L.A. with another simple, stylish and engaging ad campaign for its iPad products, both regular and mini.
Apple iPad mini A Z billboard
These familiar looking billboards are adapted from the clever TV commercials showing the two different size tablets working in harmony side by side.
Apple iPad mini piano billboard
The implication being size doesn't matter and the iPad mini can do everything its grownup counterpart can do, it's just a smaller, more convenient size for some people.
Apple iPad mini underwater email billboard
Apple iPads car game billboard
These fun new creatives were spotted around the busy streets of L.A. including Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard and 3rd Street from February 3 to February 11, 2013.
Apple iPad piano billboard
iPad mini A Z billboard
If you're a fan of the stylish tech brand, be sure to also check out these product launch billboards for the iPad mini, plus similar ad campaigns for Apple's iPad, which demonstrate how visually consistent and on brand the company's advertising is.
iPad mini email billboard
For another example of how to advertise tablets, be sure to also check out these launch billboards for Microsoft's Surface.
Apple iPads piano billboard
iPad snow husky billboard
UPDATED: In what seems like no time at all, here's another wave of creatives from the side by side iPad campaign.
Apple iPad finger painting billboard
Giant iPad side by side billboard
Some of the fresh creatives replace existing ads along Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, whilst other new ones have sprung up like the husky in the snow billboard snapped along Sunset near Cahuenga Boulevard.
iPad finger painting billboard
The snowy version certainly has maximum stand out here in hot and sunny L.A.
iPad snow husky billboard
UPDATED: Now this is more like it for sunny California, a new creative in the same vain with a retriever on the beach instead of a husky in the snow. This iPad billboard was spied along Melrose Avenue on April 29, 2013.
iPad beach retriever billboard

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