Monday, February 18, 2013

And action Mazda6 clapperboard billboard...

Mazda6 clapperboard billboard
Now here's a fun way to start the week courtesy of the all-new Mazda6 and this fantastic clapperboard billboard extension.
Mazda6 clapperboard billboard
Mazda6 and action clapperboard billboard
Car billboards can be quite dull at times, usually over-reliant on product shots, so it's nice to see Mazda inject some creativity into its outdoor advertising with this simple, yet eye-catching idea.
Mazda6 clapperboard special extension billboard
This clapperboard billboard certainly gives the new car a bit of movie star flair and drama, so it should be totally at home along L.A.'s Sunset Strip where it was snapped on February 12, 2013.
Mazda6 clapperboard billboard
Mazda6 clapperboard billboard
Let's hope other car manufacturers take note and up the ante with their OOH offerings in the future.

And action...
And action clapperboard Mazda billboard

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