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The BABs - Best Advertising Billboard Awards 2012...

2012 was another exciting and eye-catching year for Out-of-home activity and these third annual BAB Awards hope to acknowledge and celebrate all the hard work, talent and creativity in the world of billboards. This year Daily Billboard used voting polls, visitor emails, comments and social media feedback to help decide the worthy winners, alongside our own impeccable judgement of course.

Madagascar 3 special extension movie billboard
These bright and quirky billboards for DreamWorks animated sequel, Madagascar 3, really stole the special extension crown this year with their vibrant eye-popping creatives which had maximum stand out.

Be sure to also check out the rest of this fun Madagascar 3 movie billboard campaign.
Madagascar 3 Hippo Gloria billboard
Madagascar 3 wigs billboard
Close contenders for this BAB Award were The Amazing Spider-man billboards, Adult Swim's Delocated season three TV billboard and ads for Snow White & The Huntsman.

Workaholics Fully Torqued season 3 special installation billboard
There was no question this year who deserved the BAB Award for Best Special Installation, as Workaholics season three 'Fully Torqued' billboard received high praise and overwhelming support.

This provocative, yet simple idea (which seemed easy to execute), was a real head-turner for the comedy series along L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.
Workaholics Fully Torqued special installation billboard
What's more, they followed up the three-pronged risqué installation with a clever disclaimer billboard, fringed with shredded orange plastic and sporting a witty tongue-in-cheek tagline.
Workaholics explicit content billboard
Missing out on this coveted award was The Dark Knight Rises exploded Bat-sign billboard, The Lorax 3D face billboard installation and the mannequin billboards for The Campaign.

Snow White Huntsman movie billboard
The film may have missed out on Best Special Extension Billboard of the year, but Snow White & The Huntsman totally deserves to win Best Movie BAB Award.
Snow White Huntsman Queen billboard
Snow White Huntsman kristen Stewart billboard
Snow White Huntsman Chris Hemsworth billboard
These stylish billboards for the fantasy flick exude menace, action and intrigue, regardless of whether the film lived up to its full box-office potential.
Giant Snow White Huntsman movie billboard
Other movie billboard campaigns of note in 2012 were for The Bourne Legacy and Ted.

Giant Mad Men season 5 Falling Man billboard
Mad Men season 5 Falling Man billboard
The clear winner in the TV category had to be the teaser campaign for season five of Mad Men. The visually arresting 'Falling Man' creative works on a small or large scale, and certainly got tongues wagging when it debuted at the start of the year.
Mad Men season 5 Secrets teaser billboard
Mad Men season 5 Envy teaser billboard
Mad Men season 5 Adultery is back teaser billboard
The follow-up copy-only billboards continued to tease the new season without even mentioning the show's name thanks to the instantly identifiable font, until the series premiere creative arrived in late February. What a clever way to build excitement and anticipation for a highly-acclaimed TV series entering its fifth season.
Mad Men season 5 premiere billboard
Mad Men season 5 consideration billboard
Other cool TV billboards just beaten to the punch this year included the spooky nun billboard for American Horror Story: Asylum, the Arrow series premiere billboards and Lifetime's saucy billboards for The Client List.
Most Original Entrance Stoli Vodka billboard
There's nothing like a bit of humour and originality to help a brand stand out from the rest and Stoli's Most Original Vodka campaign surely did that in style this year.
Most Original Table Service Stoli Vodka billboard
Most Original Indulgence Salted Karamel Stoli Vodka billboard
These fun, quirky and youthful billboards helped breath new life into the vodka brand.
Most Original Ego Stoli Vodka billboard
Other honorable mentions for the drinks category include Absolut Vodka's Greyhound billboards, Espolon Tequila's skeleton billboards and this campaign for Zico coconut water.

Very Perry Ellis bow tie billboard Sunset Strip
Daily Billboard thinks this super-sized Very Perry Ellis billboard was the most striking fashion billboard in 2012, with its cool over-sized bow tie really grabbing your attention on the side of the Andaz Hotel along L.A.'s Sunset Strip in September.
Giant Very Perry Ellis bow tie billboard
Other fashion houses making a style statement were these Tom Ford for Women Fall/Winter billboards and Gap's Be Bright billboard campaign.

Calvin Klein Jeans Matthew Terry billboard
Congratulations to Matthew Terry for baring all this year and reaping the rewards of all those hours in the gym. The American male model demonstrated an amazing body of work for Calvin Klein this year, whether it be in jeans or bold underwear.
Calvin Klein Bold underwear Matthew Terry billboard
This year Matthew bested the likes of Les Misérables star Eddie Redmayne for Burberry and David Beckham's H&M underwear billboards to take home the prize.

Calvin Klein Lara Stone Push Positive bra billboard NYC
The beautiful Lara Stone seemed to be everywhere for Calvin Klein. If she wasn't stripping off for a giant bra billboard in New York, then she was being washed up on the rocks in neon denims.
Calvin Klein SS 2012 Jeans Lara Stone billboard
Calvin Klein FW 2012 Jeans Lara Stone billboard
The Dutch model also starred alongside Alexander Skarsgard for Calvin Klein's new Encounter fragrance.
Calvin Klein Encounter fragrance billboard
To claim top spot, Lara beat off the likes of Claudia Schiffer in Guess Jeans 30 Sexy Years ad campaign and Anais Pouliot for Aldo.

And there you have them, this year's BAB Award winners. Do you agree with Daily Billboard's choices? If you're the agency responsible for the work show here please be sure to take some credit.

Happy New Year and let's hope the skies of continue to be filled with creativity and jaw-dropping spectacle in 2013.

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