Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tsingtao Beer billboards...

Giant Party like The Party Tsingtao beer billboard
As it's the season to be merry, Daily Billboard couldn't resist featuring these striking billboards for Tsingtao Beer whose colour scheme has a slightly festive red and green feel to it.
Chinese lesson Tsingtao beer billboard
And as most of the products you'll give as presents this Christmas will be manufactured there, why not enjoy a Chinese imported beer too.
Giant Tsingtao beer Party billboard
Just like the slogans suggest, 'consider this your first lesson in Chinese' and be sure to 'party like "The Party"' this holiday season. They even cleverly make it easy to order your first drink by helping you pronounce the name properly, Tsingtao translates as "Ching-dow".
first lesson in Chinese Tsingtao beer billboard
The super-sized billboard for the beer was snapped along Sunset Boulevard earlier this year on September 24, 2012, whilst the smaller squarer version was spotted along Beverly Boulevard the day before.

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Giant Tsingtao beer billboard

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