Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stuart Weitzman shoes billboards...

Stuart Weitzman boots billboard Oct 2012
All year long Stuart Weitzman has been bringing sexy shoes to the skies of L.A. with this fabulously stylish black and white ad campaign.
Stuart Weitzman boots billboard Sep 2012
From kinky boots to killer heels, the luxury shoemaker's billboards certainly catch your eye as you drive along L.A.'s infamous Sunset Strip and with their simple design stand out from the other billboards filling the cluttered skyline (obviously a bit of bare flesh never goes amiss).
Stuart Weitzman white heels billboard October 2012
These stylish billboards featuring Natalia Vodianova were snapped gracing the skies in March, May, September and October 2012.
Stuart Weitzman shoes billboard Mar12
For more super sexy footwear ads, be sure to check out these Sam Edelman shoes billboards from 2010.
Stuart Weitzman Kate Moss Spring 2013 billboard
UPDATED: Here's a new full-size landscape billboard from Stuart Weitzman in the same vein, sexy but tasteful, featuring British supermodel Kate Moss snapped along Sunset Plaza on March 13, 2013.
Stuart Weitzman Kate Moss Spring 2013 billboard
In addition here's another billboard featuring Kate Moss in the same Sunset Boulevard ad location from September 2013.
Stuart Weitzman Kate Moss Fall 2013 boots billboard
And a further flirty sex kitten ad from the luxury footwear brand from April 2014.
Stuart Weitzman Kate Moss S14 heels billboard

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