Saturday, November 3, 2012

Virgin America Fly with billboards...

Fly with music Virgin America billboard
How is it that Virgin America can make its ads look vibrant, fun and engaging, whilst other airlines just seem so corporate and stuffy.
Fly live TV Virgin America billboard
This latest batch of billboards for the airline emphasise their quality selection of in-flight entertainment, from movies and music, to live TV like sports and WiFi capabilities for business travelers and those who can't bear to be switched off-line for any period of time.
Fly movies Virgin America billboard
Billboards for this new ad campaign, for example the 'Fly with music' creative first appeared around September 7 and the 'Fly with WiFi' version a week later further east along Sunset Boulevard.
Fly WIFI Virgin America billboard
Fly music Virgin America billboard
A further wave of creatives have resurfaced from mid-October onwards around the streets of L.A., like the 'Fly with movies' ad along Melrose Avenue and the 'Fly with live TV' billboard along Highland Avenue.
Fly TV Virgin America billboard
These ads still retain the airline's brand colours from previous campaigns and are a bit more visual, relying less on clever copy.

If you like these new creatives, be sure to also check out these other Virgin America billboards that have come before.
movies Virgin America billboard
Of course safety and courtesy are also priorities when traveling, but why can't every airline be as fun to fly with as Virgin America?
Virgin America WIFI billboard
UPDATED: It looks like this Virgin America campaign is returning to the skies of L.A. in April 2013 and this new creative was spied along Sunset Boulevard on April 9, 2013.
Fly music Virgin America billboard

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