Monday, October 1, 2012

HALLOWEEN WEEK: The Walking Dead season three TV billboards and Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights billboards...

Walking Dead season 3 TV billboard
Today enjoy this monster mash-up to celebrate the start of our special HALLOWEEN WEEK here at Daily Billboard.
Walking Dead Halloween Horror Nights billboard
Not only do we have billboards for the third season of The Walking Dead, but there's also some special themed Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood ad creatives for the TV series too.
Walking Dead season 3 billboard
The billboards for the critically-acclaimed post-apolcalyptic zombie drama continue to be extremely atmospheric and set the scene for the entire season. By the looks of this one, Andrew Lincoln's 'Rick Grimes' seems to be making his stand and this time it's at The Prison.
Walking Dead season 3 abc billboard
Be sure to check out The Walking Dead season one billboards and season two billboards if you're a fan of the show.
Universal Studios Halloween Walking Dead billboard
As you can see from the Halloween Horror Nights creatives there's plenty of 'Walkers' only too happy to tear down the doors and devour Rick and his plucky band of survivors.
Walking Dead season 3 billboard
It's quite clever that Universal Studios Hollywood have decided to theme one of their Halloween mazes after The Walking Dead as the series is so popular (alongside other iconic horror favourites like Silent Hill and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) guaranteeing hordes of horror hungry visitors, whilst for the genre TV show it's perfect timing for the start of a new compelling season.
The Walking Dead Halloween Horror Nights billboard
These season three TV billboards were spied along Sunset Boulevard in two locations on September 13, whilst the close-up Halloween Horror Nights zombie face was snapped along La Brea Avenue on September 8 and the 'Don't open dead inside' creative was photographed along Highland Avenue on September 22, 2012.
Walking Dead season 3 TV billboard
If you like these, be sure to stick around this week for more frights from the undead and more scares besides, from the worlds of television and movieland.

Enjoy HALLOWEEN WEEK (we hope you survive the experience).
Walking Dead season 3 billboard
UPDATED: Season three of The Walking Dead really was great television, with lots of twists and unexpected turns that we've come to expect from the apocalyptic horror drama.
Walking Dead season 3 consideration billboard
Now Emmy voters get the chance to give this show the multiple awards and recognition that it deserves, as The Walking Dead truly is 'something remarkable' as this AMC billboard suggests.

This evocative creative was spied along L.A.'s Sunset Plaza on May 13, 2013. Just make sure you consider the show, otherwise they're likely to set their zombies on you.
Walking Dead 3 Something remarkable billboard

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